Woman Sells Virginity for $780,000

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  1. After 15 bids, the winner of the auction is a Japanese man named Natsu. Catarina and the auction winner will be making arrangements on a flight from Australia to the United States in order to avoid any possible charges of prostitution. Do you guys consider this prostitution?

  2. There was a guy virginity that was sold as well. For $3,000 lmfao
  3. Video tape it, and it'll be porn, not prostitution.
  4. She's not even that hot, no way I'd pay that much
  5. Yeah is that buy 1 get 2 free or what?
  6. Waste of cash son.
  7. I agree but that man probably has so much cash that 700,000 is nothing.
  9. Probably but if he has that much money shouldn't he have a super hot money grabbing whore by his side? :pity:
  10. True that but how many hot virgins do you know trying to sell their muffin?
  11. They don't need to sell it to me. If you know what I mean. :vince:
  12. Muhahahaha i know what you mean vincy
  13. Didn't you say you wish you had a gf a couple of days ago?
  14. It was the opposite for Xanth. HE had to pay the man.
  15. eagarly awaiting xanth's reply
  16. This aint the first time this has happened some American or English bird did it a few years back to pay off her uni tuition.
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