Women of Honor Tag Team Match signed for 12/19 in Philly

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  1. Saturday, December 19th, 2015 2300 Arena - Philadelphia, Pa
    Women of Honor Tag Team Match signed for Philly
    We are less than two weeks from FINAL BATTLE! After more than a decade, FINAL BATTLE is returning to Philadelphia. On December 18th, Ring of Honor will present FINAL BATTLE 2015 on Pay-per-view. Plus, the very next night, we will return for the AFTERMATH and a huge television taping! . FINAL BATTLE is a must-see event for all professional wrestling fans! And the next night, all of the fallout will spill into a massive ROH television event. This is a can't-miss combo of ROH events to close out 2015 hotter than ever!


    Fans have demanded more Women of Honor action and ROH is delivering - big time. On Saturday December 19th, the new Women of Honor division shakes things up even more with a just-signed TAG TEAM match! Four of the best female athletes on the planet will clash in Philadelphia, and there's more than just a win at stake. This is the time when every woman given the opportunity to compete in ROH is out to impress and out to assert her dominance in this revamped division. Who will wow the Philadelphia crowd on December 19th?

    Mandy Leon is familiar to all ROH TV views as the host of Inside ROH, where she recaps the best wrestling on the planet every single week. She is also staking her claim as an upstart professional wrestler and has been an integral component of the new Women of Honor. Known for her graceful yet devastating "Leonsault," Mandy is sure to be a fan favorite in Philadelphia. Her partner, Sumie Sakai, is also much loved by the fans in Philadelphia as a veteran athlete who has been competing in the city - and all around the globe! - for well over a decade. Sakai is quick and agile, combining speed with vicious striking techniques. Sakai adds an edge of experience to this combo, and there is no substitute for years and years of professional wrestling know-how.

    Opposing them will be the team of Deonna Perrazo and Hania the Huntress. Deonna is making her Women of Honor return after an unsuccessful but extremely impressive effort against Mandy Leon. There's no doubt she is itching to get her win back and will have her sights locked on Leon! Perraza has been making waves throughout professional wrestling, gaining a buzz that is nearly unheard of for a competitor at her experience level. And she's only getting better! Her partner is making her Women of Honor debut, though ROH fans will know her from her appearance on a Future of Honor event last year. Hania the Huntress is an unforgettable athlete with virtually unmatched athleticism. If you didn't know her before December 19th, you will be talking about her for weeks after!

    Be there LIVE in Philadelphia for this potentially show-stealing Women of Honor tag team contest! To witness witness the AFTERMATH of FINAL BATTLE 2015, click HERE!

    Ring of Honor Wrestling presents

    Saturday, December 19th, 2015
    2300 Arena - Philadelphia, Pa

    6pm Bell Time

    Matches signed

    Mandy Leon & Sumie Sakai vs. Deonna Perrazo & Hania The Huntress

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