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It’s early goings in season two of WOW: Women of Wrestling and things are finally starting to come together. The characters have been introduced and now the story lines are beginning to take shape.

Dinero Dinero Dinero

Last week the main event ended in chaos when Hazard interrupted the match leaving Tessa Blanchard without an opponent for her championship. Tessa, ever the entrepreneur, announced that she would be picking her own opponent as a result. I thought she would take the coward way out and choose an opponent she didn’t respect to crush beneath her feet. She instead utilized that entrepreneurial spirit by negotiating a deal with the “Best Attorney in the World” Sophia Lopez to face her client, Serpentine (formerly Kobra Moon), for a boat load of cash.

This character choice works perfectly for Tessa because she is SO confident in her ability to defend her championship against anyone that she’s willing to take on a formidable opponent even though she could have easily picked a weak adversary. But hey, like McLane said, you don’t get to be the force in wrestling that Tessa is by playing it safe. And boy, are we lucky she took this match because it was excellent.

Up until this point all of Tessa’s matches on WOW have all included some sort of heel shenanigans. This obviously doesn’t take away from the power that is Tessa Blanchard, but rather helped to establish her as the top heel, baddest bitch in the company. But Tessa isn’t just an A+ heel, she’s an incredible wrestler and this week she proved it.

WOW Superheroes
Tessa Blanchard & Serpentine prepare for battle

The first third of the match was tit for tat, non stop reversals, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats (literally the WOW crowd is wild). Eventually, however, Serpentine was able to get control of the match by turning a head scissor take down from Tessa into a sidewalk slam, into a crab submission into a swinging pendulum hold nailing Tessa’s head into the turn buckle over and over again. Tessa, trying to regain her foothold in the match, rolled out of the ring and quickly ate a brutal looking hurricanrana from Serpentine and a kick for good measure. But Tessa is like The Incredible Hulk and when she gets cornered she gets mad and when she gets mad she only becomes more powerful.

Tessa rolled back into the ring and quickly answered Serpentine's attacked with a ferocious suicide dive. She tried to pile-drive Serpentine on the edge of the ring, but instead she ate a knee that she answered with a punch. Back in the ring the tit for tat began again, but unlike at the start of the match it wasn’t reversal, reversal, reversal, but rather each move the opponents tried landed (and landed hard) leading to a string of near falls and one upsmanship. Finally, Tessa was able to get Serpentine set up in a diamond DDT after a quick super-kick retaining her championship and letting the whole roster know that she’s champ for a reason.

The celebration didn’t last long however, because the vultures (i.e. The Beast, Jungle Grrl & Havok) surrounded the ring to remind Tessa that she has a BIG target on her back.

This was hands down the best match that has appeared on WOW so far. The title picture just keeps getting better and better week by week and even if everything else on the show was terrible (thankfully it’s not) then it would still be worth it to tune in.

A Hollywood Comeback Story

Last season of WOW was a bit frenetic because they had to introduce their characters to the new, growing audience every week. Because of this there are several characters that have a long history in WOW that didn’t really get a chance to shine. This season, by way of the tag team series, is making up for that necessary lack of story telling by focusing more time to in-ring storytelling and less time on video packages. Case in point: Lana Star and The Beverly Hill Babe (aka Amber O’Neill).

Lana Star came out to announce that not only was she coming out of retirement, but she was going to compete in the Tag Team Series. Naturally, everyone assumed that her partner would be The Beverly Hill Babe standing next to her in the ring, but Lana chose an up and comer, The Lioness, instead.

Cue the temper tantrum because The Beverly Hill Babe was not going to just accept this outcome; she has become too accustomed to “the Hollywood life. The red carpets. The Lakers tickets. the Botox!” Just who does Lana think she is? Lana, ever the schemer, was ready for this drama. “I’m the kind of human being who grew up in Hollywood where dreams are broken every single day.” Sensing an opportunity to embarrass The Babe even further Lana gives her one last change. This is wrestling after all and betrayal is a dish best served in front of everyone in the most embarrassing way possible! If The Beverly Hills Babe could defeat the oddly silent Lioness then she can partner with Lana.

The Lioness was one of the focal points of last season and while she has a lot of potential she is still very green. They get around this fact by having Beverly Hills Babe control virtually the entire match all the while making intense eyes at Lana as if to say, “This?? This is who you are replacing me with?” Of course you can never take your eye off your opponent and a lackadaisical cover by The Babe was easily turned into a roll up by The Lioness for the 1-2-3 leaving The Babe crushed and Lana Star beaming. “You’ve never been a Beverly Hills babe. You’ve always been a Beverly hillbilly.”

WOW Superheroes
Jessie Jones reminding The Babe who she really is

Hillbilly did you say? Cue Jessie Jones finding The Babe crying in the locker room into her tutu. Clearly disgusted Jessie tries to remind The Babe who she really is saying, “Since when does Amber O’Neil care about some Beverly Hills bimbo anyways? The Amber O’Neil I knew did whatever it takes no matter what anyone though to get the job done!” Now Jessie isn’t a good guy, but if convincing Amber to remember who she is gets her into the Tag Team Series, well then, all the better for Jessie.

Ya live long enough...

Before Abilene Maverick’s match this week against the new comer Adrenaline (aka Diamante from LAX), she had a backstage run in with her long time would be rival Stephy Slays. Stephy remarked upon how Abilene was no longer “hurt” and asked for the match she has been waiting for. For a moment Abilene looked scared, but then, like a good governors daughter, made fun of Stephy and called her win a fluke. Classic.

WOW Superheroes
Adrenaline taking down Abilene Maverick

Unfortunately for Abilene, she couldn’t back up her trash talk in the ring because Adrenaline from top to bottom had her number. As a newcomer Adrenaline had a lot to prove. She wore Abilene down with a seemingly unbreakable waist lock and old school wrestling tactics. When Abilene finally got free of Adrenaline’s grasp she would hit a big move or two then play to the crowd. She shouldn’t have underestimated Adrenaline, however, because every time Abilene thought she was going to win Adrenaline (literally) popped back up and took her down. Ultimately, Abilene was pinned by Adrenaline after a succumbing to a Mexican destroyer leaving her embarrassed and defeated.

Following Abilene's match there was an “inspirational” video package reuniting Stephy Slays and Keta Rush as the “Bully Busters.” Then immediately Stephy was seen backstage making fun of Abilene for losing her match like a BULLY.

Ultimately we all become what we hate.

WOW Superheroes
The Bully Busters are back!

Considering they had a whole video package devoted to their reunion I assumed that the Bully Busters were a shoo-in to move on in the Tag Team Series. More the fool am I because The Voodoo Doll Siren and Holidead told us all that the cards spelled victory. Never underestimate the cards.

The Bully Busters started their match out strong with some tandem tag team moves, but once Holidead was able to utilize her brute strength over Keta Rush the match decidedly swayed in the favor of the dead. The match ended in tag team chaos with all four competitors in the ring and the ref losing track of who was legal. Holidead won the match with a face-buster to Stephy, but McLane mentioned that the results will go under review because Holidead wasn’t the legal competitor. We’ll see if there is follow through on that threat, but considering Siren is basically full of black magic I would probably just let them continue on in the series. Stephy has a lot of problems already, she doesn’t need to be battling a curse too.

Between Tessa Blanchard kicking ass, the promise of more great title matches and the tag team series giving the show structure WOW season two is proving that the popularity of season one wasn’t a fluke! I’m personally looking forward to seeing just who Amber O’Neill is, Stephy turning into the bully she has always hated and just who will come out victorious in the monster triumvirate of Havok, Beast and Jungle Grrl.

What about you Cagesiders? What’s making you go wow about WOW?*

yes, I am mad I wrote that.)

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