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  1. Looking around the site I see lots of great discussion about awesome wrestling action, but not very much mention of the divas.
    Do any of you guys on here like women?
    Are there any women that are members of this board?
    Just curious lol!
  2. We're all homosexuals. I hope this doesn't affect our relationship with you.
  3. Most people are bored with the current diva division. I'm sure there'd be more discussion if WWE put more effort in that division. At the moment it's random matches for 1 minute long, not much to speak about ;(.
  4. @[Anonymous] Don't you think John Cena is sexy? :heart:
  5. It's all about Cody... that Lisp of his is soooo hot :emoji_hushed:hyes::emoji_hushed:hyes::emoji_hushed:hyes:
  6. They should let the divas wrestle in different types of diva matches. Maybe that would help.
  7. Their was a tagteam divas table match recently... That went very well.

    I would personaly like to see AJ vs Beth in a ladder match, now that would be epic :emoji_hushed:hyes:
  8. And perhaps some divas who can actually wrestle. Only Beth, Natayla and Kharma would then quality lol.
  9. :no: AJ
  10. Until the Beth/Kharma feud starts, I really couldn't care less about the divas
  11. AJ was good in FCW but hasn't had a notable match on WWE television yet . You can't really blame people for not including her in the top workers list. Did you see her is WSU as Mrs April? If so do you have any recommended matches?
  12. I just wanna see the dudes. Lubed up and wearing spandex.

  13. :no::no:
  14. I agree, myself. I thin the feud will start after EC.