Hell in a Cell Women's Championship rematch.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Botchie, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. According to Dave Meltzer Charlotte is getting her rematch at Hell in a Cell...IN HELL IN A CELL.

    Wow this is truely historic, they probably won't utilize the cell though.
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  2. That's going to be awesome!!!.....I hope they do use the cell at least a little bit otherwise what's the point
  3. I love the idea of a Women's Title match inside the Cell.

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    Their feud will culminate at HIAC anyways, so I guess I'd be fine with it if it happened. Just don't kill yourselves with crazy ass bumps, gals. Please.
  5. Should have just done the title change there. Main eventing raw is great and all but a first ever hell in a cell for Women (right?). That's a momentous occasion for Banks to win the title at.
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  6. First of all, everytime the belt is dropped, there's always the "rematch clause" on the respective superstar's contract so it's not like we needed any Meltzer to state the obvious....

    Number two, I wouldn't get my hopes up as far as this match taking place inside the Cell. I doubt WWE will allow it, especially with both Charlotte and especially Sasha Banks being crazy as it is, willing to take big risks and big bumps. Given also that Sasha has been injury prone, can't really see it happening; wouldn't mind it, but seriously doubt it...
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  7. I or one hope it is in the cell. That would be so awesome.
  8. Yeah the only thing of note here is the potential Women's HiaC match and with how much they've been forcing Sasha/Charlotte down our throats it wouldn't rule it out. It would be a good pay off to the feud.
  9. inb4 Charlotte wins at HIAC and continues her PPV winning streak, because Sasha gets injured again. smh

    OK, I'll shut up now. Don't want to jinx anything.
  10. No, @Prince Balor I think you are right I didn't even think about her PPV streak..........Except for the injury hopefully
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    Sasha's winning at HIAC. These obligatory rematch clauses usually mean that the new champ will retain the next time he/she faces the former champ.

    So, with that said, Sasha defeating Charlotte once again will still feel special, 'cause she'd be the first woman to break Charlotte's impressive PPV winning streak. Oh, and I really hope the girls don't get injured out there as a result of crazy bumps.
  12. So this may be a thing now? Well, why not at this point? It would give the womens division more credibility to have major matches like this at PPVs. I am just shocked. I can't see them having a TRUE hell in a cell match like the dudes do. Like heavy hits and blood and what not but we will see. Who knows, may end up being the match of the year.
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  13. This is awesome news...I'm 100% behind this idea...

    It would only be fitting for Charlotte to regain her
    title in the first ever women's Hell In A Cell Match.
  14. While I like all the female competitors in the WWE...Charlotte really is the
    Alpha female. It really became clear to me watching the Summerslam
    Triple Threat match. It was like watching a grown woman bully a couple
    of teenage girls.

    And while I'm on this subject...I can't buy into this reality of Sasha being
    able to actually beat Charlotte.

    Now I like Sasha...she has a great personality, a great look, great hair and
    great in-ring skills...but she's...oh God I'm going to get shit for this...She's too thin.

    Yes...Sasha is too thin. She needs to put on some weight and increase
    her overall body mass. She just seems so frail...I mean...she does get
    injured a lot.

    Its not so noticeable when she's wrestling Bayley...but next to Charlotte...
    And especially Dana Brooke...she looks like a stick figure.

    Even Alexa Bliss, The Polly Pocket of the Women's Division has more
    of a physical presence than Sasha...mainly because Alexa was/is
    a body builder...a "sport" defined by physical presence.

    Now like I said...I like Sasha...I like all the female wrestlers in the WWE
    (Even Carmella and Eva Marie) but I just think Sasha needs to add a
    few kilos to that beautiful body of hers.
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  15. Like this? (open)
  16. ^That's just silly...

    I'm not saying Sasha needs to pack on the pounds...Just a few more
    kilos to give her some...added padding...Oh God...Digging the hole

    I just think Sasha would look more...healthy and stronger if she added
    a few kilos to her slight frame.

    I don't hate Sasha (Even if I think she should be a heel)...this is just
    my opinion.

    I'm not bitter that she beat Charlotte again...
    I swear I'm not...
  17. Weight has nothing to do with her ability.
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  18. It has nothing to do with her technique...but a little more "flesh"
    may allow her to take bumps better and stay off the injured list.

    This is no discredit to Sasha's abilities...I'm sure she could kick
    my ass any day of the week...and I'd enjoy it...wait...this isn't about
    me...I just think...at least to my eyes...that she is too thin.

    The last thing I want is for Sasha to get injured again and have
    to drop the title...we just went through that...not that I minded
    because Charlotte was won her title back...but the point is...
    I don't want Sasha to get hurt...and I want her to have the
    physical presence of a "Boss" not just be called one.

    Also...can someone explain to me exactly what that means?

    Remember I'm a 34 year old man in Australia...I have no Idea...

    I was under the impression Bruce Springsteen was "The Boss"
  19. I'm with Prince on this one. When I hear "Hell in a Cell" my brain thinks "OOOOH COOL" and my heart yells "oh hell I don't wanna watch Sasha die in the ring :emoji_slight_frown: "

    Actually wait with the Cell now she can't do stupid dives to the outside where her back just seems to collapse and... oh wait. shit.
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