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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. Ok so I would of put this in the Hell in a Cell section but it doesn't exsist yet sooo move it if u want.

    Anyways does anybody think WWE ruined what could of been an epic moment? So they give Sasha the title over Charlotte last night on a mediocre episode of Raw. When they had a perfect oppurtunity to book the 1st ever Womens Hell in a Cell match with Sasha vs Charlotte in Sashas hometown where she could of won the title in a historical moment for the women's wrestling division. WWE blew it cuz they probably wanted to make it a "women's" night with that title match and tieing in with the whole breast cancer thing. Not to mention this is the 2nd time Sasha won the title on Raw...What's up with that? (Hurricane voice)
  2. I tagged this with a spoiler since not everyone knows Sasha won yet.

    As for the hypothetical, I don't think they want womens matches to be considered THAT violent. When you think of a Hell in a Cell match, you think hard hits and blood. Not to say the women can't put on a good match like that, but I don't think they would feel comfortable marketing a match for women of said nature. I could be wrong, for all we know they are already putting it in the works.. But I highly doubt it.
  3. I agree I feel it would have had way more meaning and impact at HIAC PPV
  4. I'm fine with the title change happening on RAW, I feel they should do title changes on RAW more often.

    You want to get people talking and being like: "Hey, shit actually happens on RAW now!".
  5. If it was her first win, I would agree but having her take the title on Raw just makes it feel like there is more of a reason to tune in because things like this can happen at any moment.
  6. It does seem strange...its like Sasha not allowed to win on PPV...
    Or may-be Charlotte isn't allowed to lose on PPV...

    Charlotte is 12 and 0 in PPV title defences...yet that's twice now she's
    dropped the belt on RAW.

    Ehh...either way...I'd be over the moon to see Charlotte vs. Sasha
    in a Hell in a Cell match...and even happier to see Charlotte regain
    what is rightly hers.

    Yes...I'm a Charlotte fanboy...and I'm not hiding it.
  7. Charlotte has really grown on me. When the "divas revolution" (ugh) started I was way more into Becky and Sasha (mainly from all the hype) but over the last year Charlotte has really risen to the top as the best. Bayley, Sasha, and Becky are not on her level imo
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  8. I couldn't have said it any better myself...Charlotte is truly on another level...
    in skill and in sheer physical presence.

    While I like all the female competitors in the WWE...Charlotte really is the
    Alpha female. It really became clear to me watching the Summerslam
    Triple Threat match. It was like watching a grown woman bully a couple
    of teenage girls.

    And while I'm on this subject...I can't buy into this reality of Sasha being
    able to actually beat Charlotte.

    Now I like Sasha...she has a great personality, a great look, great hair and
    great in-ring skills...but she's...oh God I'm going to get shit for this...She's too thin.

    Yes...Sasha is too thin. She needs to put on some weight and increase
    her overall body mass. She just seems so frail...I mean...she does get
    injured a lot.

    Its not so noticeable when she's wrestling Bayley...but next to Charlotte...
    And especially Dana Brooke...she looks like a stick figure.

    Even Alexa Bliss, The Polly Pocket of the Women's Division has more
    of a physical presence than Sasha...mainly because Alexa was/is
    a body builder...a "sport" defined by physical presence.

    Now like I said...I like Sasha...I like all the female wrestlers in the WWE
    (Even Carmella and Eva Marie) but I just think Sasha needs to add a
    few kilos to that beautiful body of hers.
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  9. I was thinking about this earlier, and I think it could be great.
  10. Oh. And also does Sasha ALWAYS have to cry? Everytime she has a match she has to make some sappy emotional speech about how hard she works to be the best and how her dreams came true. Get over yourself Sasha.
  11. They need to make Sasha a heel already. She would be A LOT better in my opinion. Her gimmick isn't exactly a true face anyways. She is like the ghetto Michelle McCool.

    EDIT: Yes, that was completely off topic. No, I don't care. :mad2:

    (I'd like to see Charlotte as a face as well. DOUBLE TURN!?... No, probably not...)

  12. Heels can't cry though! Plus Charlotte and Nia Jax are just dominating as the heels
  13. Explain CM Punk.... :pity:


    I made a thread so I didn't derail this one. :bodallas:
    Which Wrestlers Should Turn?
  14. If you want this match to go down in the books then both ladies need to make cell spots, good chance it won't happen though and it'll just be "in the cell to make it look scarier" but again both ladies will put on a 5 star mach regardless
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