Women's MitB fallout

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  1. So... people online are mad that a heel and her annoying heel sidekick who happens to be a man won the MitB in extreme heel fashion? I don't get it. The finish in my opinion was perfect. Carmella's stooge went and fetched the breifcase for her. If it weren't for that finish would anyone care about this match? Carmella actually got a reaction on SDlive last night and they decided to strip her of the breifcase because internet Backlash...

    ...Why are they letting that stop them now? There was so much potential to get Carmella heat with this. She was like the most irrelevant person ( that might be Tamina but regardless...) in the division before this!

    Not only did they kill Carmella and Ellsworth's heat but they're just giving away a MitB match next week. Way to devalue the Women's MitB match. Speaking of devaluing things, way to make the division look strong by having them bitch about the finish the entire show. Would they ever book five male superstars like that?

    Hopefully next week the don't completely backtrack and still book Carmella to win and with more interference from Ellsworth this time.

    Idk even know anymore this shit stupid. What do you think?
  2. The reason people are not happy (including myself) is that this was the FIRST women's MitB. Had this happened to the men's side (a woman taking down the briefcase or any male manager for the manner) I would have felt the same way. It isn't who she is or who Ellsworth is, it is the principle that this should have set the stage for future MitB moments for the women. Taking it off her now just makes the move even more ludicrous. Not only did they screw over the women (in my opinion) but they just took it right off Carmella after the fact. Two wrongs don't make a right. Who the heck is writing this garbage?

    EDIT: I wanted to emphasize that had he just screwed someone over and she got the briefcase herself, that would have been fine. That is what people expected to happen anyways. But to straight up grab it for her? Bleh. Like I said, you do things like this down the road after a few women's MitBs, not the first one.
  3. ...Maybe it's because I'm trying not to be super-hypocritical after Charlotte and Sasha turned "making history" into a punchline last year, but the only issue I really have with this is that Carmella was wasting our time with another chickenshit heel title win. Sure the Carmellsworth duo is cool, loser guy doing the bidding to stay with the out of his league girl and all, and his interference could be fun, but much like with Jinder and the Singh Brothers it's a brand new coat of paint on the exact same pig.

    I don't think it devalues the briefcase whatsoever though. The value comes from the cash-in, less so the match itself, and next year you won't immediately assume "Oh, they're just going to rematch it on Smackdown anyway". Shoot, I'm just happy we get an extra MITB match, though I wonder how the girls feel about this...

    Next year, we'll have the exact same expectations we did this year. Everything's fine. And no, this isn't reverse feminism or whatever 21st century hashtag you want to put on this. Just stop with that.

    I even popped for the spot but didn't expect it to be the finish lol... but what if it isn't this time? And Ellsworth still interferes, which would be dumb... Or he's banned from ringside, and Becky either knocks him off or capitalizes on a laid-out Carmella with no help to grab the briefcase she was screwed out of on Sunday? That would... Be a pretty interesting way to give us a pop moment, actually.
  4. Just as a side-note Ellsworth's banned from ringside. Daniel Bryan said it on Talking Smack. That doesn't mean Ellsworth can't interfere in some way but it's very doubtful that he will. Either way, I'm pretty excited to get another Money in the Bank match since those are fun, and like Snow said it's not like we're going to get another rematch on Smackdown again. As for the finish and the anger for it, pretty much the posts in here already discussed it. I wrote a good deal about it in my review, but I liked the finish. And so far, I like the direction WWE's going with this, I hope Carmella wins or at the very least, gets the briefcase back at a later point (I could having someone else win this on Smackdown, Becky I'd guess, then have Becky vs. Carmella for the briefcase at Battleground, where Carmella wins it back). I will have an issue with this if Carmella doesn't wind up with the case again since that means the only point of the MITB finish was to create a brief controversy.
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  5. ...Maybe above all else, this is what I should be upset about, though. Rant about "all the heat from this went on WWE, as Solid Snake said, and none of it went on Carmella" is par for the course for the modern era and all, but I feel most fans will echo this statement altogether.

    The story here should be fairly easy to follow - probably a little too simple and done too many times to hold water - but told OK. Becky was alone in the ring, Charlotte took out the other two outside (and herself) and Carmella was laid out in the ring... and Becky started to climb and go all the way up until this dick went over and shoved the ladder down, grabbed the briefcase and threw it to Carmella on the ground... She was screwed, she was pissed, and now she gets a rematch with no Ellsworth and if she wins justice is served and yay Becky getting her moment and yay Bryan for making things right and...

    As you say, I feel the sentiment will wind up being "lol why not just have Becky win the first match then lol". And that kinda sucks.
  6. It's because WWE knows its audience, it knows it's audience way too well. They know that most wrestling fans don't watch the shows to enjoy them, they just watch it to find something to talk shit about. It's my own personal reason as to why they let Ellsworth grab the briefcase instead of Carmella to piss off those that wanted the outcome to be a "historical" moment in women's wrestling. Why generate boos that eventually fade away as the weeks go by if you can piss off a section of the audience so much that your ppv gets far more attention than usual. When the outcome becomes a major controversery with mulitple sides, everyone is complaining about one thing or another which ultimatly leads to more attention on the angles themseleves. They have literally turned what was supposed to be a ladder match but with women, into the most heavily debated subject of the past few days. Everybody now has an opinion on the match and it's outcome. It's also why the decision to have another match for the briefcase was scheduled, to piss off the fans that DID like the outcome and the finish. So that it can create even more traffic and attention towards the storyline.

    WWE dosen't care about cheers or boos anymore, they want reactions, whether it being boos or cheers is secondary. That's why John Cena incites the crowd to tell him that he sucks, even if the chant is meant to insult him, it shows that even John Cena's haters pay more attention to him than his opponents. They want your reaction, your complaints, your gushing of how great it wad, your threats of boycott, your rant towards the people who didn't like it, your fantasy booking essay of how they should have done this specifically, they don't care if your opinion is good or bad towards them, the fact that you have one means that you care enough to form it.
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  7. How many of us will make sure we watch Smackdown to see this match now?

    Smackdown ratings are on the down are they not? This just feels like a tactic to get more people watching the show by giving them something to talk about
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  8. Not to get into "that" debate, but while Roman gets passionately hated as he keeps getting WM main events, the last two main eventers they pushed wound up in the League of Nations.
  9. Ellsworth Won the MITB?!
  10. You know what, knowing Vince... I bet you are right on this. It just sucks they put it on the women's match. I still don't like the ending. It was stupid but I am sure it got more people watching SmackDown yesterday.
  11. But that's just...stupid. I don't like watching wrestling and hating everything I see that's not fun. If they just booked things smarter and had their finger on the pulse they wouldn't have to go that route but whatever. I mean you have a point, I did make this thread bitching about an entire division bitching so...
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  12. That is exactly what i think is going on and from their point of view.

    Vince wants to focus on moments. This was a moment. First womens money in the bank ending in controversy. Goes down in history books for wrong reasons. Sadly the first proper one next week wont though and will probably be quickly forgotten thanks to little jimmy ellsworth

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  13. I loved the finish. Who cares if it was the 1st Women's MITB. The finish was creative and put Carmella over as a heel. It gives all of the women on Smackdown a good storyline.
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  14. It was a brilliant move. One of the best things to draw heat that WWE has done in a while. It's not about not caring about the women's division (because clearly they do more than ever) being sexist, or whatever. It was about making controversy and drawing heat. Great idea.

    Eric bischoff said "controversy creates cash..." it's the most true thing ever.
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  15. Ah fuck it I don't care how this goes.
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  16. I wasn't a fan of the controversial finish at MITB, but hopefully Carmella wins again next week.
  17. I think as far as MitB goes Daniel Bryan made the right decision stripping Carmella of the briefcase. I think when they redo the WOMENS and I mean WOMENS MitB ladder match that James Ellsworth be banned from the arena and must watch it on a tv in the back so he can't interfere again if he does he should be fired that night from the WWE Permanently !