Women's tag-team championship?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zack Ryder, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Should WWE bring back the Women's tag-team championship? I mean, it's only fair for WWE to do. They can't just give all the guys the titles. I think they should and if they do, it should be awarded to the Bella Twins.
  2. Sure there was a thread two days ago on here about this?

    Anyway no the divas get 3 mins max for their matches and they are not very good workers.So why would their be a need for tag titles. wwe don't care and most fans(casuals) would not care either. I am for all for womens wrestling but wwe is not the place for it.
  3. Bring it back? They had one before?
  4. I don't agree at all that they can't give all the guys titles. Wrestling is very much a man's domain (that sounds like gender bias, but it's true - wrestling is male dominated and even female fans couldn't usually care less about women's matches.) People don't even care enough about the singles women's division, I seriously doubt they'd care about a tag team one.
  5. Long time ago...

    @"Pop Tatari" I can see where you're going with this.
  6. So they did :obama: only Senhor is old enough to have been around in the 80s though.
  7. true.
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  11. OH HELL NO!
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  12. The WWE is not even able to make the single division interesting...Why would you like a title if we already have one and its rarely on air?
  13. They have like 3 divas...
  14. No, not enough competitors/focus on the division for it to be successful/entertaining.
  15. I think they should. The male wrestlers have four titles to the Divas having one. In order to get some more storylines and time in the ring, I think having a tag team title would be a great idea.
  16. Haha must inappropriate @"Dirk Diggler"
  17. -Taimapedia
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  19. No idea, run a virus scan on your pc dude.
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