Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roach, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Simply post below with what you wonder.

    I wonder why someone is advertising a 'Deep discussion' forum on Hack forums... Lol :upset:
  2. Deep web, maybe?

    I wonder why WWE thinks they can job people for weeks just because they're going to win MITB. :dafuq:
  3. I wonder why they dont make calorie free icecream
  4. Wonders why everyone is changing usernames...
  5. simply because they have the option to. they're blind sheep with absolutely no control over themselves. they see the option to change it, and they just have to do it. me included. we're extremely pathetic.
  6. True. Immature forum owners for the win :win:
  7. I changed my name because I could :badass:
  8. name changers are the scum of the Earth
  9. Damn but i like my name, ill keep my name AND still be the scum of the earth. Deal?
  10. I wonder why i changed my group name to Trukfit... wtf does that even mean? golly gosh im so stupid!
  11. I wonder if people will start posting in this thread again.
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