Word Life John Cena or Legend Killer Randy Orton?

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  1. Who do you like better Word Life John Cena or Legend Killer Randy Orton?
  2. Word life Cena. Found him a lot more entertaining than Orton and he(Cena) was ridiculously over.
  3. Whether fighting or spitting
    My discipline is unforgiving
    Got you backing up in the defensive position
    An ass kicking anthem
    Heavyweight or bantam holding camps for ransom
    The microphone phantom
    Teams hit the floor It's the new fight joint
    Like a broken needle kid you missing the point
    We dominate you conference with offence that's no nonsense

    My theme song hits get your reinforcements
    We strike quick with hard kicks ducking ice picks
    Bare knuckle men through fight pits, beat you lifeless never survive this
    You forgot like old timers
    Two face rappers walk away with four shiners the war rhymer
    Turning legends to old timers
    My incisors like a viper biting through your one liners
    New Dead man Inc and we about to make you famous
    Taking over earth and still kicking in Uranus

    Word life
    This is basic thuganomics

  4. Word Life Cena. His raps in 2003 were edgy and is what helped get him over, although they became corny by 2004. I'm glad he's dropped the whole rapping thing completely since then. The legend killer gimmick was destined to be a short-lived gimmick. Only so far you can go with it.
  5. Legend Killer Orton for me.

    When I started watching, Cena wasn't the thug anymore.

    But Orton had his old heel persona. He was the one who made me mad when he attacked someone or won a match in a dirty way.

    When I think about that now, it just shows me how damn good Randy Orton was with his Legend Killer gimmick.
  6. Legend Killer easily. One of my personal favorite gimmicks to be honest. Cena's raps were way too hit and miss for me to be put it over and it's not even my favorite period in Cena's career.
  7. Word life Cena. I actually preferred sadistic Viper Orton than Legend-Killer Orton.
  8. Legend Killer. Fucking hated Wigger Cena.
  9. Legend Killer, damn.
  10. Legend Killer all the way.
  11. Legend killer.
  12. Legend Orton was sweet, especially when he went out 8 lines deep in cocaine.
  13. Legend Killer: Disrespecting legends, cocky, arrogant, asshole, ect.
    Word Life: Disses opponents with rap.

    First Cena/Orton match in the WWE?

    God Like Entrance:
  14. I can't help but think WL Cena was better than LK Orton.
    Orton's character was cool but Cena doing his WL thing was so much more entertaining.
  16. Word Life Cena by a longshot.
    Cocky, funny, clever promos, unique characters, all you could ever want in a heel.
  17. [​IMG]

    Miss that entrance..:sad1:
  18. Legend Killer Orton ofc. Only high school kids would say otherwise.
    World Life Cena was a huge joke imo, a white guy acting black running around in baseball jersey and trying to act like a ghetto wannabe rapper. Disgusting. Legend Killer Randy Orton was one of the best heels of all times.
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  19. I'm going to pick Legend Killer Randy Orton.
    Better theme, better matches, better everything. Word Life Cena is very hit or miss for me.