Work out noobs, get in here.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Right, I'm 100% sure that I'm genuinely nocturnal. I don't go sleep until about 6:30am daily now and I function so much better during that period. Most of my ideas, creativity etc happen at those times (10pm - 6am), I also have more energy then than any other period. So that brings me on to the topic in hand.

    I go gym nearly daily, but it's at times where I'm so tired (10-12am, sometimes 12-2pm), naturally. I want to be able to do my cardio routine at 5-6am, I have the perfect environmnent around me (long thin roads around the farm I live on [inb4cornwalljokes] and lots of obstacles), but how would I fit that in my day? For example, if I did that and skipped more gym sessions (not completely stop, just go twice a week instead of daily), how would my eating habits change? What would need to adjust with it, if anything?

    I know I've given little information but yeah, gimme' a hand.
  2. I do different things for my Cardio, If I can't do a normal workout I just do working chores round my house. But that's when I need some exercise.
  3. That adds nothing to this thread but good stuff :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. I'm probably the last person you'd trust given work out advice but why don't you cut the cardio down to a gym warm up at about 5/6 and lift higher reps? As for the eating, do you operate a low carb diet, also what are your macros?
  5. What about you workout for 30 or an hour only but more intense? You can fit more in your agenda then.
  6. Why would I want to cut down though? It's honestly when I function best and have the most energy, I should be utilizing that (imo anyway) on hard work out sessions and then do the lifting and build exercises at the gym with the right equipment. I'm not really into getting bigger, I'm more into cutting all remaining body fat and trimming it all down Ziggler style.
  7. Crayola all ya gotta do is insanity like workouts. Make your workouts shorter and more intense if you need more time on your plate.
  8. I don't need more time though. This is perfect for me, I just don't know how to structure the rest of my shit around it. If I did that, when do I eat next? When would I take protein (if I were to do that, looking into it)?
  9. If you want to cut down, it's mainly diet. Google Keto, and read about it. Apparently it's a great way to lose weight. All cardio does is increase your burned calories, do you know what your target is based upon a 500 calorie defecit?
  10. Not at all. I diet but poorly. I test methods all the time and I have no consistency, my discipline is terrible. But it's not really weight loss is it? It's turning the remaining fat into muscle which is like the good old sit ups (tons of those) and eating enough to turn it into muscle right?

    It's not like I'm overweight and trying to lower my weight mass, it's just turning the remaining bodyfat and adding abs theoretically, lol.
  11. It is weight loss, all "toning up" really is, is removing the remaining fat lol.

    Read these, they'll probably be more help.
  12. #EmptyStomachCardio :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:

    Just go to sleep around 3am, just give it a try. You'll feel better during the day, and during gym sessions. Wake up around 9 or 10am and go for a run. Then when you're done, eat and rest a little. And then do your work-out around 1 or 2pm. If that would become your routine, you'll feel better.

    In time, you could change your routine by going to bed an hour earlier, and do all the other things an hour earlier aswell. You need 7 or 8 hours of sleep.
  13. Just eat lots of healthy food and protein. Don't eat too much protein though if you end up not working out one day. Also, men generally can lose body fats just by working out, dieting isn't a big thing for you to do. Just no fast food and soda, soda will kill you!


    And like what Jose said, Sleep is VERY important.
  14. No changing of my sleeping pattern noobs. If I wanted to sleep earlier to feel better the next day I would lol. I prefer staying up, I'm better for it.

    Checking those out now Seabs.
  15. Then get your sleep in the day, like 10 hours at least if you are going to be working out with intensive cardio.
  16. I usually walk a couple of miles every day and drink plenty of water, so....
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    But seriously, that is pretty much what I do, and I'm in good shape. Not exactly the six pack wonder, but I'm in way better shape then almost everybody I know.
  17. i dont exercise :dawg:
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