Work Out Tunes?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. I am going to start strength training tomorrow on my Tower 200.
    I realized a week ago how weak I have become from not doing a laboring job anymore.

    I need some good work out tunes to put on my iPod. Any suggestions?
    Please provide Youtube clip if you can!

  2. Not sure what you listen to, but I can workout to anything.

    Although, my favourite in 2010 was this.

  3. The obvious...

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  4. Thanks guys. Keep um commin!
    And while I don't care much for rap, I do enjoy it for working out to.
  5. Honestly, this is the only song you'll ever need when it comes to ANYTHING

  6. Something about Britney Spears' Blackout album always gets me pumped.
  7. :hmm:

    I'll have to check some songs out.
  8. [video=youtube][/video]


  9. I used to listen to stuff like this when I went running. It really clears my mind.

  10. Here is another amazing piece that you can run to.
  11. Till I collapse -Eminem
    Lose yourself - eminem
    300 violin orchestra (really really good )

  12. Last summer my buddies and I would rock out to this song while taking cuts at the cages.
  13. [video=youtube][/video]
  14. Fun thing. This isn't a native American song. It's sung in Sami, which is the language of the Sami people of Northern Sweden, Finland and Norway. They are of the same genetic lineage as native Americans though.
  15. Really? That's cool. My grandfather is full blooded Native American. This was just an example of the stuff that I listen to. I have tons of cd's with this type of music on it, which is relaxing.
  16. The Sami language and Native American languages are kind off similar. The Sami also have another way of singing where they sing from the bottom of the throat without using words, just sounds.

    Sounds weird as fuck.
  17. On mobile so can't post video but
    Jump Around by House of Pain is my running song, get's me so pumped for it, no matter how long I'd been running I will speed right up when listening to this.
  18. Listening to it now, and I acutally quite like it. I didn't know anything about the Sami, so now I have to research them. Thanks for letting me know though, i'm always interested in other cultures.
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