Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. @CM Punk @Shadow @shit i forgot who @15 after. That gives me time to pee.
  2. thanks bro, make it live.
  3. It is. Hold on.
  4. So Punk, we gonna watch this now then help Kid?
  5. I'm here where do I go
  6. Heard the season premier sucked from a reliable source.

    I believe it, since the second half of last season was by far the weakest shit they put out.
  7. I'mma double task as I've seen it before.
    Somewhat did compared to others
  8. we dont need a bitch to cry about shit the whole episdode. If you want to cry do it solo.
  9. What does kid need help with
  10. So, do we get on Skype or Xbox now?
  11. imma chat here, tell me you didnt all wait to get it until now?
  12. I got on xbox.
  13. What are you talking about?
  14. Look at those ttitiesm blinding. I dl'd the shit.
  15. Something that Jabri, myself and Shadow are working on.
  16. hit me up when you are ready to start
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