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The feud between Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans continues to die on the vine.

There is one reason the post-WrestleMania feud between Evans and Lynch has not been good. We’ll give you one guess who is to blame for this feud being a dud.

Coming out of the biggest win of her career and closing the show at WrestleMania 35, Lynch was tasked with working with an NXT call-up. The Man is the veteran in this rivalry and she has been asked to carry Evans for the better part of two months.

So about all of that momentum Lynch had coming out of WrestleMania...

Why Lynch went from working Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair to a main roster rookie is a questionable decision in the first place, but this week on Raw, The Man’s back may have gone out a little.

Evans can not keep up with Lynch on the mic or in the ring, and that fact was never more clear than during an interview segment tonight (Jun. 10) on Raw.

"I am relentless." @BeckyLynchWWE makes her position CLEAR in an interview with @LaceyEvansWWE on #Raw!

— WWE (@WWE) June 11, 2019
So much cringe. This was only a portion of the Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch car wreck.

Before Stomping Grounds in two weeks, is there anything that can save the Lynch vs. Evans feud at this point?

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Grievous 3D


As much as I like looking at Evans..she wasn't ready for this kind of feud.

Also for some reason the WWE keep killing any momentum Lynch is able
to build.

They did this by having Asuka defeat her at the Rumble, tried to level it out
with her actually winning the Rumble, then the constant back & forth with
Charlotte, then the BIG win at Wrestlemania (with a botched a finish) &
then dropping one belt at MitB & now a feud that is dying quicker than a
fresh water fish in the dead sea.

The WWE should have booked a Lynch/Asuka feud after Wrestlemania
as Becky has an actual reason to fear Asuka & they could have worked
Kairi Sane & Nikki Cross into the feud as their allies while they could have
paired Lacey up with Charlotte & created a tag team that allowed Lacey
to be protected at the start of her main roster career.

Again...that's just how I would have booked this entire situation if given
the chance.
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Chillin' with the snowmies.
I can't help but remember Asuka dropping the belt and the battle royal being a joke and just think... I get how Hogan and Austin and Cena were THE GUY, but the fact that Seth and Becky have so few credible challengers is mind boggling to me.

As for Grievous here, I like the Lacey and Charlotte idea. But while I'd like to see Charlotte remain a singles, nobody fits that character better.
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