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World Cup 2014

Solidus, Jun 5, 2014

Who will win the World Cup?
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    World Cup 2014

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  2. Nice one!

    Opted to put $1000 on Brazil in the end...they better win now.
  3. Come on England...
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  4. US topped Nigeria in our last friendly... Jozy scored twice, much needed goals.
  5. Japan wins
  6. I did see that Altidore scored twice in that friendly! Doubled his scoring tally for the entire season for his club. I'm glad he is finding some form. Shitting myself about Saturday against Italy after England drew against Honduras.
  7. Italy is going to to balls deep
  8. USA will be lucky to win a game :downer:

    I got Germany
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  9. I'm predicting a 0-0 or 1-1 draw based on both of our lacklustre form at present.
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  10. 2-0 Italians
  11. Italy drew with LUXEMBOURG
  12. and yet they are still far superior to England
  13. Gonna go with Germany, They look strong this year.

    Either them or Brazil.
  14. Yo DZ, whats up with the England hatred? :please-54:

    Although I am doubting your football knowledge a little, 10 years ago heck even 5 years ago I would agree that Italy are far superior but not really now. If you compare our squads and current form I don't think there is that much between us in modern day football. Historically though Italy have the superior record.

    However, I strongly suspect us English are being trolled by Mr DZ.
  15. I haven't seen Italy play since the Euros but they looked great in that tournament.

    we shall see. I'm not trolling, England just blows.
  16. They knocked us out of Euro 2012 on penalties after a 0-0 draw but it was a close, boring contest that was settled on penalties (as usual for us). Their form going in to that tournament was not exactly pretty on the eye.

    LMAO, whereabouts have you visited in England? Seems like a broad statement to make...
  17. I'm talking about their football team not the country. Although, from what I hear....
  18. :((
  19. I knew U.S.A. was ghana win.
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