world cup group draw discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. lets kick this off early who would you like to draw with at next year world cup

    Best case scenario for england
    Worst case scenario

    In the rehersal england got spain s korea and ivory coast

    Edit: draw in full
  2. Hoping USA doesn't get a difficult group but we'll probably get boned and get put in the most difficult one.
  3. u s a!
    u s a!

    England doesn't want it. We'll kick their ass in another draw! u s a! u s a!
  4. USA just got absolutely butt fucked. Germany, Ghana and Portugal in their group.
  5. Fuck Germany again! Goddammit! :angry:
  6. costa rica uraguay and italy oh shit tough one for england also am i seeing this right 2am kick off for the italy game
  7. @Seabs what do you reckon can we make it
  8. well wtf man. World CUp fun over before it even starts. no way we advance over Germany or CR7
  9. Last time you guys were in our group in Japan you beat us.
  10. Most groups seem fun. If England don't win there's I'll be surprised.
  11. Senhor Perfect is Portuguese guys. try to keep up
  12. Cr7 was like 15 at the time so...
  13. spain have a tough draw too what do you reckon @Rhod
  14. Chile is a fun team but not a threat to advance over Spain. I could see Chile finishing 2nd ahead of the choke artist Dutch
  15. I think we might just scrape through as long as the players show up
  16. Group G man what a load of shit. They should base groups on international ranking, not random draws. why the fuck can't we be n H or F or even E

    fucking G
  17. I know lol i bet you wish you got frances group i say throw them all in ond pot and let the fun begin
  18. if I cared just a tad bit more about soccer this would have ruined my morning. still it blows, but I'm going to go get over it now

    every fucking time we get in one of the two toughest groups. EVERY FUCKIGN TIME
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  19. Honestly though what is the point of random draws instead of basing groups on ranking? Nobody wants to see these groups with 3/4 shit teams, why not balance it so every group is interesting and balanced? now we are going to get at least 3-4 shit teams in the round of 16

    fucking FIFA faggots. go play soccer in Qatar fucking morons

    ok now I'm going to try and get over it
  20. yes its quite annoying that in one group jam packed with quality teams then you get frances group i hope they fail again it'd be so funny if they do
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