World cup qualifiers October 15 discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. Not sure how many of you guys will be watching any qualifier games tonight. But here's a thread just in case.

    Gonna watch the Sweden v Germany game but also keep an eye on England myself.
  2. hopefully we don't fuck it up got to be careful of some of polands big players we must win imo
  3. Yeah Poland does have a couple of sleepers. The Sweden/Germany match is just a formality since Germany is going to directly to Rio and Sweden is in for the play off in November. Only thing at stakes is a spot in the Uefa rankings and who we face in the play offs. Trying out a younger, fresher squad tonight. Zlatan can't play (got a yellow card against Austria), Elmander is not starting (probably due to his heel turn against Austria, sneaky bugger :obama: ) and Isaksson is not starting in goal either.
  4. Lol was gunna put sweden on my acca just coz of zltan glad i didn't now our group is too tight
  5. This game will most likely be a loss for us but it will be a fun one non the less I think. We have some young bucks who are pretty good and have potential. Damn good match to get experience in. But yeah 99% chance we are losing this one.
  6. wilshire or carrick who would you pick? Seen it on fb thought id share to get your thoughts
  7. I'd go with Wilshire I think. Not that in the know on either guy but my gut says Wilshire right now. (But my stomach has also been iffy all day so make of that what you will)
  8. GOAL! Tobias Hysén in the 6th.
  9. Andros Townsend is a star.
  10. KACANICLIC! 2-0 to Sweden.
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  11. Ozil makes 2-1.
  12. Crayo I heard that Welbeck's great grandad is Polish :otunga:
  13. Well, Rooney's isn't.
  14. Or is it that the ball is racist and doesn't want to be near Welbeck?
  15. Maybe i should of put after all
  16. 2-2 now. The Germans much more into this half. But our younglings still stepping it up which is good to see.
  17. Beautiful goal by negredo.
  18. 2-3 :sad: Here comes the game I expected.
  19. Ended 3-5 here. Kind off the result I expected. But considering the squad we presented and who we faced it was a good result. Entertaining game as well.
  20. I've not been overly keen on Roys football at times but credit where it's due he adapted to the requirements of these last few games.
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