Kayfabe World Dropkick Champion?

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  1. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome down to the ring...........Lukey!
    *The crowd pop as soon as his name is called. He stands on the stage for a bit smiling and proceeds to go down the ring and get a microphone*
    *The crowd chant Lukey over and over until he speaks*
    Lukey: Well hello to you people!
    *The crowd cheer yet again*
    Lukey: It's been a great four weeks for me so far and I sure as hell hope that continues. For those of you who may or may not know......I'm in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship!
    *The crowd cheer and applaud Lukey*
    Lukey: I gave it my all the past month, especially last week against Luis. We had a back and forward contest but in the end all it takes is one "Great Dropkick". Good try buddy, maybe next time you'll have my number. But honestly I got to thank everyone here tonight and watching at home. Without you people I wouldn't have the spirit and will power to do what I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making a lil lad feel big!
    *The crowd applaud*
    Lukey: Me journey isn't over though. Mr.Frost, Randy and Luis have been to Dropkick City! Well between me and this guy Dropkick City is about to be made "Amazing". Night of Champions I'll be standing right here, eye to eye, face to face with the most amazing of all H's, The Amazing H!
    *The fans start chanting H*
    Lukey: And honestly I couldn't have asked for a better main event for a show called Night Of Champions. He's a good guy. I'll take that back, he's a great guy! He's definitely gonna be a champion during his career here. I don't think anyone can think of a bad thing to say about to him. The only problem I have with him however is that I feel like he hides something. I don't mean to crash his style or anything but why does someone who calls himself Amazing have to hide behind face-paint all the time? Can anyone answer that for me? Anyone? Is it supposed to intimidate me? Cause if it is it ain't breaking this Super Lad of Steel any time soon.
    *Fans cheer while some Amazing H fans boo*
    Lukey: If I become World Heavyweight Champion, I'll promise that I won't disappoint or hide anything from any of you guys. Everyone's dream backstage and every other promotion is to be World Heavyweight Champion. This weekend I feel like turning that dream into a reality. All it takes is one "Great Dropkick" and...........well I hope you packed your bags because you just stopped in "Dropkick City". And if you want to you can feel free to ask the three guys I mentioned earl....
    *The Amazing H theme plays and cuts Lukey off*

    OOC: @SupaHeeroh
  2. *The audience jump to their feet as H's music hits. He dances down the entrance ramp before waving at Lukey as he walks around the ring to grab a microphone. He enters the ring as cheers still fill the arena. He waits for them to die down as he smiles.*
    The Amazing H: Man... It's been a while! You look good! You look like you're in tip top condition for our match this weekend which is, no pun intended... Great! It's funny. I probably shouldn't be standing here right now, last week I should've lost and you should be fighting Caleb Hayes, but... Here I am.
    *H receives more cheers.*
    The Amazing H: Now, i'll ignore the cheap shot about my face paint, you know i'm just ugly underneath all of this. I'm quite self concious about that so in the order of friendship i'll pretend that didn't happen, and i'll also pretend that your face doesn't remind me of a plastic Ken doll that has been put under a magnifying glass for a few minutes, alright? Good, good. We're even.
    *The Amazing H smiles. Lukey also takes a step back to cover his mouth.*
    The Amazing H: Now, I know you, you know me, we've been everywhere together. It's a known fact that we've been around the block together, but this weekend it isn't about friendship, it's about the World Heavyweight Championship. Everyone knows of your championship history. Everywhere you've been you've been on top. Your list of achievements is huge, much bigger than mine and this weekend i'm going to prove that not only can I beat you, but we can once again both be classed... As kings...
    *Some audience cheer at the old school reference.*
    The Amazing H: I'm expecting nothing less than a war. I want the very best because if I want to hold the World Heavyweight Championship, I need to beat the best and you sir, you're one of them... But, one thing I can say is, no matter how good the match is, no matter how "great" you are on the night... When the show is over, everyone will be talking about how amazing it is that I finally did it. I won the big one. Because this is it. After all this time this is finally it. I am more focused than I've ever been before... Now is my time, and it's going to feel... Amazing...
    *The Amazing H walks over to Lukey with a smile on his face. The two men stare each other down. The Amazing H offers a hand shake.*
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    *Lukey shakes his hand*
    Lukey: I can tell ya one thing. The show will be both Amazing and Great. We gotta a Amazing H and we gotta Super-Lad! Your're in for treat at Night of Champions. Right now I'm just dressed as your average Joe or Ken as you will. But this weekend people all over the world will see a Super-Lad rise to the top cause I'm gonna give it my all. I'm only gonna stop when this lil body and big heart of mine decides to stop. Your're gonna have to kill me to beat me cause I ain't backing down any time soon mate. So with all that being said may the best man win. See ya there.........friend!
    *Lukey walks up the ramp and heads backstage*