World Elite Wrestling

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  1. I hereby announce my newest project, World Elite Wrestling, which will start from the ground up and will become the new revolutionary force in the professional wrestling industry.

    More will be coming soon.
    August 15, 2016

    On Friday August 19, Saturday August 20 and Sunday August 21, Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios Orlando will rumble once again!

    World Elite Wrestling, the newest big professional wrestling federation, founded by a couple of the industry’s veterans will soon make it's debut at Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios, located in Orlando, Florida.

    “It was an easy decision to set-up World Elite Wrestling at Soundstage 21 in Florida, “ Vice President of Marketing, Christopher Irvine, also known as Chris Jericho said. “Since WWE went under, all the fantastic facilities at the site weren’t used.”

    World Elite Wrestling’s debut will be held over three days. The three day event will be titled “ELITE KICKOFF – where it all begins … again!” and it will culminate into the promotion crowning its inaugural WEW World Heavyweight Champion. “World Elite Wrestling is, despite all the talent involved, an upstart promotion for now but will soon be the new top promotion in the industry, that should be treated carefully. Every member of the Board has put a significant amount of money into this project, and we don’t want to blow it all in one shot. So, the decision was made to host an event to raise our stock and to let all the pieces fall in place,” Steve Borden, once known as Sting. “We first want to get this core following, before we take it to the next level,” Chris Irvine told us, “television shows and PPV events will be hosted at a later stage in our existence.”

    The seven members of the Board of Directors have each chosen 3 men that will compete at “ELITE KICKOFF”. Night one will see them take on each other in triple threat matches, where the winners will advance to night two. There, they will have one-on-one matches with the superstar that wasn’t involved into the decision on night one. On night three, all ‘losers’ will get a second chance in an epic battle royal match, with the winner advancing and joining the seven other winners from night two, in an 8-man knock-out tournament. The last man standing will be crowned the first ever Elite Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.Tickets per night are priced at 25 dollars, with combi-tickets available for 65 dollars for the entire 3-day event. Gates of Soundstage 21 will open on Friday, August 19 at 5 p.m.
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