World has not ended.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Love from Australia.

    Massive upside down pic.
  2. lol upside down, typical Australia
  3. Its 12/21, MY time zone. Or so everyone believes.
  4. So wait, the guys who predicted this didn't even take into account timezones? Plebs.
  5. The "happening" begins at 11:00 AM UTC tomorrow.

    That's 18 hours away I believe.
  6. :pity1:
  7. Don't trust leojay with times. He misses RAW way too often to be a reliable source :pity1:.
  8. I'm currently dead, I'm posting this through Heaven's fibre optic broadband.
  9. Australians and their wrong side of the world time. :notsure:
  10. Once again another Crayluminati trick to make us believe that he is attacking the world. The world will end 12/21/12 at 12:21 EST because everyone knows EST time is the only one that really matters.
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  11. #Crayluminati
    I want one final request. A performance by Jay-Xanth.
    Jay-Xanth: I got 99 problems, but endin the world ain't one.
  12. well at one point RAW started at 9 AM and now it starts at 11:30 AM :pity:
  13. lol @ acting like the world operates on stupid ass Euro times.

    Get real homies. The world will end on Murica time. Any minute now, not sure if it will be EST or what.
  14. I got 99 problems, but KFC ain't one.
  15. CST.
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