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  1. The Great White Sheamus has been defending his title excellently since he beat Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 28. He's had close calls. But at Night of Champions, will the Celtic Warrior lose to the Mexican Aristocrat?
  2. Yes, and then Dolph will cash in on Alberto.
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  4. Sheamus? Defending excellently? You boy have a very odd idea of what excellent is. Sheamus has been very lazy when it comes to defending his titles. His opponents have been doing most of the work.
  5. Sheamus has been a very bad world champion over all. His reign has been "good" because they have only put him in feuds with guys that can make any match look good, Bryan, Del Rio, Jericho and Ziggler. All four of those can make a lazy worker like Sheamus look like Ric Flipping Flair. Sheamus is mostly champion because he is friends with Triple H.
  6. I really hope alberto wins (can't believe im saying that)
  7. I don't really mind Sheamus that much. Not a fan or anything, but whenever I do bother to still watch anything wrestling related at all that has him in it, he doesn't make me want to mute or fast forward the TV or anything. Same can't be said for Del Rio.

    I'd bet anything on Del Rio losing, as there is nothing about the way the match is being built up that makes me think that this is anything but just an ordinary successful title defense for Sheamus. There is supposedly a rumor that Orton might end up as the special ref? I think a Sheamus-Orton feud could result from this and that would be a much better feud and match. (They had a PPV-quality match on SD back in May/June and could have another.) Maybe after Sheamus wins, Orton RKOs him or something as a way of saying he wants his shot or something.
  8. Not sure. Just like Cena, whenever Sheamus is on a match and you're on the fence you go with him, but I could see ADR winning the title. I don't know.
  9. WWE makes the Champ look like he's gonna lose but then out of nowhere, he uses his signature.
  10. Just like what I've been saying with Ziggler, if ADR wins this match, it won't be believable. After all the ADR has done to Sheamus, if he wins the belt at NoC... who's going to believe it? And it's not like he's any sort of talent outside of the ring.

    Let Sheamus win, bring Barrett or Henry back to save Smackdown's ratings.
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  11. I say let ADR win, D'Z takes him out and gets the title, OR DZ interrupts and fucks over both ADR and Sheamus, and wins. Depends on how you want to use ADR, since i hope sheamus gets his neck broken by Ryback.
  12. Lets just have a Sin Cara/Sheamus/Ryback Triple Threat LMS match, and see who the Last Man Standing really is!

    Seriously, if ADR gets a fluke win on Sheamus (who the crowd has turned on, and it can be argued that ADR's the face since Sheamus stole the car and used heel tactics to win at SS) then takes 2 brogue kicks and Ziggler cashes in, could we get a double-turn with sympathetic ADR getting screwed out of his belt and Sheamus being the bastard that set up Ziggler?
  13. Then Dolph gets fired and Edge sings Goodbye again.
  14. Why should Dolph get fired? He is the future of the company.
  15. One thing that I agree with.
  16. yet you continue to suggest he be fired...
  17. Look, Dolph Ziggler is one of my favorite superstars. Just take a look at my signature.
  18. God I hope so, Sheamus is close to being the worst thing in WWE atm.
  19. Sheamus needs a good shoveling. Hunter has to realize that soon.
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