Games World of Warcraft... Anyone else here play?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Just Kevin, Mar 6, 2016.

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  1. Just wondering as it says in the title.. do any other members here play World of Warcraft?
  2. In 2006 I played... About 10 years too late lol
  3. Still playing, just logged off a few mins ago
  4. You're on EU servers though, right?
  5. I used to play back in 2006 too, stopped playing in 2010 and just recently came back.

  6. Yup indeed, guessing that means you are on US servers then
  7. Yeps =(

    Oh well..
  8. That is some time investment. lol I had to stop. I was spending HOURS playing that game for nearly 2 years. I was part of the hip kids who had LAN parties. lolol I was quite bad with the Sims as well so being addicted to WoW was not a surprise for me. It is a good thing I don't play anymore.
  9. Played it but didn't seem like a game for me. Didn't even get to level 30 smh.
  10. I haven't played that one in years.
  11. ...I wish I remember my old login info, I'd turn that son btch side ways and sell it.
  12. I was a Guild Wars guy. Would still play if my laptop handled it
  13. Was more of a Wizard 101 guy myself
  14. Was more fond of Club Penguin tbh
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