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  1. Any fans of baseball here? (I apologize if there's a thread for this already, I scrolled through the first four or five pages and didn't see one.)

    Anyway, who do you think is going to make it into the playoffs/World Series?

    My Predictions (Division winner on top, wild card on bottom...placed in order of wins):

    New York

    Tampa Bay

    San Francisco

    St. Louis

    World Series Hope: Chicago vs Washington

    World Series Prediction: Anaheim vs Washington
  2. I agree with pretty much everything, though i would maybe pick New York over LAA. Washington is pretty solid.
  3. I think that LAA (with the pickup of Greinke) is going to be hard to top. In a best of 5 series, they could even afford to pitch Weaver in the wildcard one game playoff and still roll out Wilson, Greinke, Haren, and toss Weaver in for game 4. I just like the way that their pitching stacks up in a short series vs New York.
  4. Yeah, forgot they got Greinke, that will probably help them a lot. I think Texas is screwed with their injuries.
  5. Poor Milwaukee, they had Sabathia and that didn't work out....the Fielder thing didn't work out, and now Greinke didn't either. They put together solid teams but they just can't make it all the way.

    Anaheim scares me more than New York and Texas. Hell, the White Sox have made Texas their bitch lately. 5 straight wins hah.
  6. Oakland is the hottest team in the league by far and will make the playoffs. 3 AL West teams get in IMO. WS will be my Nats (jumped on the bandwagon before the season) vs someone from the AL West
  7. No way Oakland makes the playoffs in my opinion. The angels are the clear favorite for Wild Card.
  8. How did sabathia not work out? We got him for a playoff run and made it for the first time in over 2 decades. He was a rental. Fielder stayed an extra year and we won our division. Greinke is a free agent after this season, no matter what. Our bullpen is what is killing us this season and to blame it on not having one superstar is absurd. Were only fucked because Krod is shit and isnt worth a trade, we get rid of Wolf after this season, and A-ram gets gone soon. The brewers are going to be a team worth fearing again next season or at worst 2014. Poor no one, injuries and players failing happens.

    Im betting LAA/Detroit vs Cin/Nat/braves. JMO.:finger:
  9. I'm so glad that they have decided to introduce the additional wild card places, hopefully that will help the Blue Jays make the post-season of the first time since 94 (I think it was), but unfortunately I think I'll be waiting until at least next year for that to happen. Still we do have a good squad and Bautista is just brilliant :emoji_grin:.
  10. How did Sabathia not work out? Because they got him to try to win the World Series, not make it to the playoffs and lose. Who does that?

    They brought in Greinke to try to win a WS during Fielder's last year. If you think that they brought him there so they could trade him a year later, I don't know what to tell you.

    You clearly mistook my "poor Brewers" statement. I was saying it sucks that they didn't win the WS with the attempts that they made, which were solid attempts. I like the Brewers, I just recognize that they didn't accomplish what they wanted to.

    Also, injuries and players failing is pretty much the whole meaning of my "poor Brewers statement", meaning it sucks that they had bad luck and it didn't work out. Chill, it isn't my fault you apparently never learned what reading comprehension is in school. :finger:

    And yes, the Wildcard addition is good because it rewards teams for winning their division as opposed to sneaking in the Wild Card and having everything be equal. More emphasis on winning is a good thing.
  11. The Sabathia deal was a clear failure lol
  12. No, apparently trading for a player who is with you for two months is a good deal. It's an especially good deal when just making the playoffs is considered a success. It must be tough being a Brewers fan, where your biggest claim to fame is that the Commissioner of baseball used to own your team.

    The Blue Jays are a good team on paper, but they can't seem to be able to crack the AL East. I thought this would be their year with the second wild card, but their pitching has been shaky, especially Romero, and the Bautista thing doesn't help.

    Lawrie looks like he should continue growing into a great player though, that kid is going to be awesome.
  13. WE HADNT MADE THE PLAYOFFS IN 25 YEARS. Yes the sabathia deal was great, we traded almost no one. Laporta had no place on our team, so we traded to try for it. I dont care about being a fan of a perpetual loser, as we have the greatest football team in the nation, and having the Lombardi trophy obviously based on us. The Milwaukee Braves are one of the best teams of their time, and Hank fucking Aaron played and started where i am from here in Wisco. You can talk shit all you want about being from where you are, the Cubs are absolute shit and the White sox have the Peavy deal and so many other failures. Congrats on having a team that doesn't win but still manages to spend 30+million a season on your roster. There are gives and takes, and D'Z being an A's fan knows some teams end up on the losing side from their contracts. Selig can kiss my ass, our payroll was 40million or less for so long. Kiss my ass, all of you.


    Who did lawrie come from again? Ahh, thats right.
  14. He came from Canada, and his attitude was disliked by the Brewers.

    The White Sox have the Peavy deal and many others. Well, the guy had a surgery that was the first in baseball history, and now that he's healthy has a sub 3 I'm not really upset about that one.

    Other failures? Adam Dunn? Oh wait, he leads the league in home runs.

    Rios? Oh, he's hitting over .300.

    What failures are we talking about? Winning a World Series in the last decade? Being in first?

    Oh, and hate to break it to you, but every team in baseball spends over 30 million on a team.

    Check what team is above the White Sox. Oh wait, but the White Sox spend too much.


    I figured I'd be nice and help you out a little bit. It's even available for Amazon Prime, so you can get it in two days. Maybe afterwards you can understand my points a little better, because you seem like the sort of person who still thinks batting average is a prime indication of talent.
  15. I'll go to bed tonight thanking God i have someone like you to learn about baseball from.
  16. Hey, at least I don't think that the teams spending over 30 million dollars on a team are in the minority, or reference the Packers in a conversation about baseball...
  17. BA doesnt mean shit, but who cares about HR when your player also is a league leader in strikeouts. Fiers for the Crew is leading the league in ERA and is dominant for 10% of the price of peavy, but #s dont mean shit. Your team is getting wins for now, and congrats, however you have 0 chance of going anywhere in playoffs, and apparently your mentality is all or nothing. You could have said the last 50 years because thats how long since WI has had a WS win, and you beat the great houston Astros with Clemens at his peak on roids. Congrats. We have so much money spent for the same reason the cubs still have a decent payroll, we dropped players that cost us money still over time. You can be happy with who you are, but my team is full of FANS, not people who turn on their coach/players within half a season like yours. Adam Dunn has been a flop, so has Peavy. Again, talk to me in October when you are in the same position as my team.


    I said 30mil over. Was talking about the price difference from 2005 when the brewers were much less than your team. The packers are the only team we have here, and its neat that 2 new members are on each others dicks like that. As i said, we will see where you are in October. I know what my team is doing.
  18. Who said I turned on anybody? And I don't care that Dunn leads the league in strikeouts, because that would mean that a K was different than any other out. It's better than a groundout that could turn into a double play, and worse than a fly ball that could be a sac fly. Besides, Dunn leads the league in Walks as well, and is 4th in RBIs. Clearly he's producing even if he strikes out.

    Also, if you win the division,don't you have a 25% chance of making it to the World Series....How is that 0% as you claim?

    I'm done arguing about White Sox or Brewers, on the count of I never even bashed the Brewers in this thread. So I'll get things back on a roll by saying this:

    I don't think Oakland can keep up their record in the division they play in. Also, the quality of teams vying for the wild card will be too much for them I feel.
  19. The season ends today? I said your fanbase, not you specifically.
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