News World titles to separate again after WrestleMania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Brad., Dec 17, 2013.

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    Not surprised in the slightest since they stopped billing Cena v Orton as a "unification match". Orton carrying both doesn't even make him look better, it just looks lame, and highlights the lack of options for the WHC. I can imagine in a few years time doing another half-arsed, spontaneous "unification" match and trying to build it by saying all this shit about the history of the titles. The whole thing is embarrassing.
  2. Yeah, I was expecting something like this to be honest. I do think that having the titles together right now is the best option, as it makes the title look equal and it's stupid having two world titles when they're not even brand specific anymore. But unless they unify the titles into one belt then it's always going to be questioned when the belts are going to be split.
  3. What a crock, SMH. No wonder they are no where near as popular as they once where.
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  4. Yeah... I don't buy this.

    Triple H pretty much stated directly that the history of the two belts were being combined for good and that it was indeed a unification match and not just a title-for-title bout. They even listed the World Heavyweight Championship as one of their vanquished belts on their website. And if they really wanted to keep the World Heavyweight Championship around in the long run to have more things to revolve a feud or an angle around, then why not keep it around for Wrestlemania XXX?

    I'm still thinking after Orton drops the title(s) at Wrestlemania, they'll simply dump the WHC belt and that'll be it. No different than Jericho carrying around both titles till he lost them at WM18 or the unified tag team champions carrying around both sets of titles until they decided to do away with one pair of those.
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  5. Ahhhh WWEF's voice of reason to the rescue
  6. I'd carry around two world titles too if I just won them. Makes Orton look better in my opinion since it's both the world titles. I doubt that they're going to break the belts into two again, there's no solid reason to unless they're going to brand split again, and I'm unsure if they have a big enough roster to currently.
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  7. it's pretty cool to see both rather then just one in my opinion...
  8. It had crossed my mind that this wouldn't be permanent since the last time they unified the belts they wound up separated again. Wouldn't surprise me either way.
  9. If WWE split them at creative it will be a great fail. Up there with Cena vs Rock Once In A Lifetime.

    They really do think we are morons.

    But as Lockard states thats likely how it will go down.
  10. This idea gets me hella hard..:tyson:
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  11. It wouldn't surprise me if they kept separated the belts again, but it also wouldn't shock me if they did the same thing they're doing now. I prefer having two world titles, but that's just my opinion. In all honesty, I think they'll separate the belts sometime in 2014, whether it will be after WM 30 is the question.
  12. You're back! :yay:

    If they go through with this, guess I won't mind all that much. Will love it if the brand split comes back with it... but the real fail comes from the fact that they blew another historic moment. They already tried to play this up as "50 years in the making" and "The first ever time the titles have been combined!" when it wasn't... so when they decide to finally unify these things, are they going to say it was the first time again? Because that would be downright ludicrous.
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  13. I don't see a title split unless there is a brand split again.

    It's highly possible, with a lot of the rumors that have surrounded the "power struggle angle" surrounding WMXXX that we could see some sort of split inside of WWE. With the number of guys who are doing little to nothing hanging around the main roster in addition to all of the guys they've brought up (and are rumored to be bringing up) from NXT, it would create a large enough pack of wrestlers to go back to having Raw-exclusive and Smackdown-exclusive shows (I wouldn't call them "Raw" and "Smackdown"; I'd try to come up with something that sounded more permanent...that's just me) again. If you have two different "brands", then you need two different major titles, two different midcard titles, tag titles, female titles, etc., due to the fact that there would be limited (if any) crossovers. The whole reason to unify the titles (which is how they started out billing this thing) was because there was one big group of wrestlers on every show.

    Of course, this could just be a rumor to troll the IWC. It's not like WWE would be above such a thing.

  14. Yeah, Orton is shown as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but the only championship shown is the WWE title... This may be a clue... This can mean they'll get rid of the WH Championship belt or they'll separate them again.
  15. ^That's a Meltzer post if I ever read one.
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  16. I've never in my life read a Meltzer post tbh.
  17. Your post and "clue" was pretty hazy. You said it could go either way, they could keep the belt as the one title, or separate them again. That's how all Meltzer's reports are. "Sources say this will happen, sources also say they wont".

    Basically people covering their ass from being wrong by saying two different outcomes are possible instead of sticking to one and admitting reporting the wrong thing.
  18. Sounds like the weatherman trying to predict how much snow we'll get :awyeah:
  19. Meltzer is the weatherman of wrestling reports.
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  20. Damn, didn't know I was so pro at this kind of stuff lmao. Nah, just kidding, that was my impression. Was going to make a thread but it'd be useless since we can discuss about this in any other thread... Just dropped my opinion here.
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