World War III Prediction

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Obviously, a lot of shit is stirring. Something tells me a World War 3 will happen. The only question is WHEN will it happen. If I had a guess I'd say in the next 40-50 years.
  2. Explain further please.
  3. Show beats tell in this case.
  4. I'd say in the next 20-30 years and I'd see China coming out ontop, at this point i'd hope England becomes neutral and doesn't have to fight in them.
  5. Murrica ftw, I feel sorry for you guys :jeritroll:
  6. LOL Lets just hope it won't happen at all...
  7. IT will :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: just wait! I hope you have something planned out XD! Gonna dig me an underground bunker and start farming crops!
  8. Will WWE Shows stop if WW3 actually happens? :sad: :nogusta: :downer:
  9. Nah, John Cena can't die silly! he'd got shot in the head and 2 seconds later, he'd kick out!
  10. WW3 will happen in the next 50 years. Just be prepared.
  11. Sorry dude, I can't see this happening.
  12. You don't think that there will EVER be a WWIII?? lol

    and why would you be sorry for feeling that way?
  13. There will be wars, but a WW3 would result in nuclear warfare and then you say bye to Earth. Do you think a world war will consist of "no nukes please though guys" rules?
  14. America has been at since 1776
  15. You can easily have WWIII without nukes getting involved. Every country knows the ramifications of unleashing nukes. It would take an incredibly dimwitted leader to ever reach that point. So maybe I could see China doing it, but they are rising up and have basically become the only other super power on Earth besides us, so I can't see them itching to blow everyone away at this point.

    Basically the US oversteps its bounds by reaching for excuses to come into countries that aren't on the same page with us so we can try to salvage the value of our dollar. China knows this. Russia knows this. if we fuck with Iran (Chinese/Russian ally) you can bet your ass WWIII will be triggered (SCSA voice) ::snaps fingers:: JUST LIKE THAT
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  16. Meh, I live from day to day.. We'll see what happens.

    Got my letter to be called up for a war 2 years ago.. We'll see.
  17. Hold on, do you mean a letter that makes it obligatory for you to go to war whether you want to or not?
  18. I can see war happening but tbh can't really see a WW3, theres too many new weapons that would be too destructive and the UN plays a big part in it as well imo, they wouldn't allow it to happen, I mean when Britain went into Iraq had to go to the UN, have a vote on whether we could do it or not and we have restrictions on amount of troops we can have in there, it's just too policed and all that now imo.

    And I was sorry because I was saying I thought his opinion was wrong lol.
  19. Yes. If the time is there, and it's serious, I could be called up for service whether I want it or not.

    Don't you want to fight for your country if needed?
  20. This. Especially with issues in Turkey and Israel starting shit constantly, i wouldnt be surprised if it was sooner rather than later.
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