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    On RAW:

    Bad news in the Professional Wrestling world today. Triple H, Shane McMahon, Melissa McMahon, Linda McMahon, Vince McMahon Jr found dead in a car accident. Now Stephanie found some new as her husband but no one knows who he is.

    There is a new comers know as the Dangerous Dancing Dan (Triple Dan). He was coming to the ring when he was attacked by the person who Triple Dan cost him the match at the last Royal Rumble. This person was named Mikey McTrikkey. He starts fighting back.

    Something going on by the different musics going on at the same time. All of the evil sounded music at once. Mikey McTrikkey found himself being taking over by a voice. That wasn't his.

    The voice:

    "I'm here to take over WWE. Undertaker was just taste of what I have in store for WWE. Now I have two groups. I called one of the Nation of Tribulation. I also call the second group Trials of Tribulation. If you want to know my named. So be it. You may call me, The Revelation the Tribulation Machine. There is more to coming from this. The only way to stop this Tribulation is for John Cena.

    Mikey McTrikkey returned to his goofy stuff and he asked, "Why was he in the ring?"

    Stephanie replied, "Someone was using you to give us a message of Invasion."

    John Cena comes out and says, "I really don't like Bullies. If I have to team up with one bully to get rid of another Bully or Bullies in this case. I'll do that. From this moment on. I'll have the Authority's back until we find out whose this Revelation person and his goons are."

    Backstage Nikki Belle was worried about her spot with John Cena cause she knows that Stephanie would take another woman's man from them like she did with Chyna and Triple H. Now every Divas who has a boyfriend is worried about Stephanie taking their man.

    Stephanie can't believe the Divas mistrust her due to her relationships with HHH & Chyna. Mikey McTrikkey tries to comforts her. Stephanie let herself cried on his shoulder.

    The Divas went through all of the Stephanie's stuff to find photoshopped pictures with all of their Boyfriends. All of the Divas went to the ring and called out Stephanie McMahon to confront the problem.

    Before Stephanie could replied to the Divas. The Revelation silhouette of a man appeared on the Titantron. He says, "Females are too easy and too emotional. Best of all. They are easy to manipulate. I thought women was suppose to be the Manipulators not men like myself. Don't worried Divas. I was the one who planet those photos and I photoshopped them as well. In next come weeks. Superstars & Divas would face off against my Trials of Tribulation. If they survive them they have to face my Nation of Tribulation. I hope John Cena will get the message. By the way John Cena. We have your father here with us.

    Titantron switch from Revelation to the place that both groups of Revelation was guarding Cena Senior.
    It switch back to Revelation with him saying, "Your past has come back to bite you. Or Should I say Kharma."

    That when Kharma grabbed Nikki Bella. While all the other Divas and even Stephanie McMahon tried to saved Nikki Bella.

    They turn back to the Titantron. Brie Bella is tick off now & Demand the release of her twin sister now.
    Revelation chuckled and said, "No my dear. I want my first WWE crush back or John Cena cheat his way to a championship for a whole year. That's why I'm doing this. To bring back my love or Changing the World of Wrestling once more."

    Stephanie asked, "Who is your love?"

    Revelation replied, "Since you asked. It's Chyna or could it be Christy Hemme? I think is funny. How you kicked Christy Hemme out of WWE. When you found her kissing your father but when Triple H was cheating on Chyna with you. You have the guts to fire Christy but not Triple H? I see no good in you! For that. I'm here to take everything you own. By the way Stephanie. I have your kids as well."

    The Titantron went off. End of the RAW show. Stephanie McMahon get ticked off more then ever.

  2. DangerousDancingDan & McTrikkey tries to calm Stephanie down. The Two Raw show before Wrestle-Mania. The Divas was going to ask Stephanie about get a match at Wrestle-mania but instead they found out that Stephane was tried up against the wall. McTrikkey was kissing her. One of the Divas went to get help while the other Divas tried to fight McTrikkey and saving Stephanie.

    DangerousDancingDan came into the Office. Beat the crapped out of McTrikkey. DangerousDancingDan went into the Ring and called out the Revelation & Revelation came out with his Nation of Tribulation & Trials of Tribulation as well.

    Stephanie agrees to his terms as well as John Cena turned heel. The first group that was unmasking themselves were the Trials of Tribulation.

    Eric Young
    Bobby Roode
    Spike Dudley
    James Storm
    Braden Walker
    Chris Sabin
    Alex Shelley
    Christopher Daniels
    Jeff Hardly
    Matt Hardly
    Sonjay Dutt
    Jay Lethal
    Austin Aries
    Amazing Red

    Revelation said, "If John Cena can defeat all of these guys either in the Ultimate X Match or the Steel Asylum or Lethal Lockdown. It's your choice. Cena Boy."

    Cena asked, "Can I pick my opponents from either of your two groups."

    Revelation replied, "Sure. I think I know who you are going to pick out."

    Cena said, "Kaval, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Braden Walker."

    Revelation was shocked to heard this and said, "I thought you would pick one of the Nation of Tribulation members. Now is up to to choose which Match."

    Cena replied, "Steel Asylum!"

    Revelation look at Stephanie and said, "Before the Steel Asylum. I want Chyna and Christy Hemme's returns at the Wrestle-mania. I'll hand myself over to you and if John Cena wins the Asylum match. I'll let him take over the Masks of all of the Nation of Tribulation."

    Stephanie agrees to his term. At the Wrestle-mania. Chyna and Christy Hemme returned. John Cena won the Asylum match.

    Jeff Jarrett was the one who was behind the Revelation.

    Chris Masters
    Mr. Kennedy
    Bobby Lashley
    Matt Morgan
    John Morrison
    Kurt Angle

    DangerousDancingDan start going with Stephanie McMahon. Eight years later. Stephanie gets remarried to Triple Dan. Triple Dan told her that if she dies. He'll take care of the WWE until her and HHH's kids are ready to take control of it. Stephanie agrees to this. Couple years go by. Stephane dies.
  3. Unknown to Stephanie at that time. DangerousDancingDan brought both TNA & GFW.