Worst and best sellers of all time?

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  1. Post who you think the worst is, and who you think the best is.

    For example:

    Worst: Sheamus
    Best: HBK

    something like that (they don't represent my opinions, but Sheamus is god awful at selling).
  2. Worst: Khali
    Best: Ziggler or flair!!!
  3. Best: Flair for hilariousness, Ziggler for actually making moves look like they could kill someone
    Worst: I love Henry, but he's pretty poor. He even no sells his IRL injuries. It's hard to separate as fans when a worker is bad at selling and when his character is supposed to be tough and not sell everything like a worker who wasn't portrayed as a badass would.
  4. Worst: Big Show
    Best: Ziggler
  5. Best: Colin Delaney
    Worst: The Boogeyman
  6. Best - Rey Rey, DZ suffers from HBK syndrome where he forgets he practically broke his neck 10 minutes ago. Great bumper but he's never sold an injury for a match well enough imo.

    Worst currently is Khali.
  7. Worst: Khali
    Best: Ziggler

    Just currently, not sure about all time.
  8. He doesn't forget, he just bounces back quickly because he is made of rubber.

    Personally for me as long as you sell the move when it happens and for the next few moments I'm fine with it. I don't need to see a guy limping around all match to sell a leg injury from 10 minutes prior. No thanks
  9. hbk best worst viscera
  10. Punk is up there as one of the best. Show being one of the worst.
  11. you are one of the worst.
  12. I'm really unsure on how to rank Punk, he's not a great physical seller but from a mental standpoint he steals the show, for example when he wins and loses it looks like it means the world to him. He's unorthodox I guess.
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  13. Worst- road warriors/ultimate warrior/hogan

    Best- flair/ziggler/Brian Pillman
  14. I'm a fan of his physical selling tbh. He sells great and really prolongs the injury for most of the match most of the time.
  15. Best: Tie between Ziggler, HBK and Flair

    Worst: Khali
  16. I'd say Michaels and Flair are pretty much the top choices. One of Flair's main strengths in the ring was selling big time for his opponents, and making them look like a threat. Benoit maybe, too. Benoit would sometimes scare people into thinking he was really hurt (Wrestlemania 21, etc.) That's how good he was at selling. (Of course, maybe sometimes he really was in pain since he suffered a huge number of concussions that screwed up his brain, and we all know what happened there.) Bret Hart is another good choice, though I think his main strength was the ability to throw punches and kicks that looked the most realistic in terms of how hard they were hitting you, even though he's known to have never injured another wrestler (that would prove to be ironic, of course.)

    There are so many potential choices for worst seller that I couldn't possibly narrow it down.
  17. Flair's awesome face flop. Will always remember that move.
  18. Best Heath Slater
    Worst Hornswoggle
  19. Best: HBK
    Worst: John Laurinaitus
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