Worst booking decision in WWE History

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. It can be a match outcome, a feud, a turn or anything really.

    One terrible idea per post.

    I'll start with turning SCSA heel at wrestlemania.. IN FRONT OF HIS TEXAS CROWD. Like come on WWE wtf were you thinking? Thought his own people would suddenly boo him? Did SCSA ever receive heat as a 'heel'?

    taking the biggest babyface in the industry near the peak of his success and turning him into a comedy character yes man was a big mistake.
  2. It's a shame you said WWE history:


    But yeah yours is right up there.
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  3. All of that is true, but if they didn't, we would never have had the Austin/Angle/McMahon bits that made me piss myself. It's actually the time I liked Austin the most.


    Oh, my pick is the finger poke of doom. So stupid :facepalm:
  4. The decision to make every match a "high end" match... So to speak...

    Brian back the days of dusty Wolfe vs RYBACK...

    All of these superstar matches are too often nowadays. No one cares as much....

    Hell give me a heavy dose of jobber matches then put on santino vs zack Ryder? We may actually care about it!
  5. WWE-ECW 2007-2010 = shite
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  6. I don't know about "worst" but one that definitely sticks out in everyone's mind is the booking of the WCW invasion storyline. It wasn't a single booking decision but rather a whole angle but it should still count since it consisted of a series of terrible decisions. They took what could have been one of the greatest angles ever and turned it into just another McMahon storyline. Bischoff should have been leading WCW and if not him (he said he was too busy with his family on vacation in his book), then Ric Flair. Instead, Shane leads WCW, and even more ridiculous, Stephanie leads ECW, even though Paul Heyman was right there. (It's also stupid for ANY woman to lead ECW, if you know anything about the old ECW.)

    Austin, a guy everyone associated with WWF, was the leader of team WCW. As were a group of guys (Dudleys, Dreamer, Tazz, Rhyno, Raven, Credible, etc.) who had been apart of WWF long enough that everyone associated them now as WWF wrestlers and not as part of the companies that they used to belong to. Meanwhile, they left out guys like Goldberg, Sting, Mysterio, Steiner, Flair, etc. who could have added more to the group.

    And the true logic of the angle can be seen at Survivor Series - the fate of WWF vs WCW being fought by two guys who were the main reasons for WWF's recent rise in popularity that helped them overtake WCW in the ratings. And if that isn't bad enough, the leader of team WWF was the WCW Champion, and the leader of team WCW was the WWF Champion.
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  7. Not sure who the blame falls on but Goldberg vs Lesner when they were both leaving was a stupid move. They should've changed the event as what resulted was one of the crappest matches in history after a big build. Tbf that's there fault but the WWE should have changed that ME once they were going.
  8. WCW history counts as WWE history
  9. Brock Lesnar losing to Cena at Extreme Rules....
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  10. Spirit Squad crap FTW
  11. To be more specific: Putting Dolph frickin' Ziggler in the spirit squad.
  12. :sad1:
  13. This for me, since it was the one I watched live.
  14. Team Nexus losing to Team WWE also deserves a mention....
  15. Re: RE: Worst booking decision in WWE History

    He was nowhere near what he is now then and it got him used to being on screen.... In hindsight it was probably a good thing.
  16. Kevin fucking Nash "The Quad" being put in a Ladder Sledgehammer match in 2011.

    That = worse than Hogan taking 3 sick bumps 3 months after his 8th back surgery brother
  17. Yeah true enough, even when he first went solo he appeared fairly generic.

    Well I'm not gonna use any sort of imagination here, but Sheamus over D-Bry @ mania 28. Even when you push the ridiculous 18 second shit out the way D-Bry should have retained, he was getting pretty awesome ratings iirc.
  18. Great Khali as World Heavyweight champion. Out of any world champion WWE has given the world championship to, Khali is the most absolute worst. He has NO misc skills, even less wrestling skills, and he sells as good as water from a faucet. He is no doubt the worst world champion EVER and did not deserve to hold the same championship wrestlers like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Diamond Dallas Page, and so many wrestlers. He disgraced that championship, and it didn't benefit from it whatsoever. Another is splitting up teams like Cryme Tyme. No way in hell were they going to get over as single competitors. JTG and Shad were perfect together, not the most perfect team, but in terms of their career it was the best thing for them. When they split up they just got bad, JTG and Shad didn't get over by themselves, they were decent if anything in the ring, and their mic skills were below average on their own.
  19. Ric Flair :yes:
    Hulk Hogan :yes:
    DDP: :urm: not so much
  20. All those guys were at least over with the crowd. Even Sheamus has potential to be a good wrestler, that's why I see him slightly better then Khali, and at least Sheamus was a little good with his feud with Big Show, so he doesn't fall that low. Even Ultimate Warrior was a better champion because he was over with the crowd at least, as was DDP. Khali had nothing going for him, nothing. That's why he will always be the worst world champion in my eyes.
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