Worst Burial Ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. What was the worst burial you've ever seen in wrestling?

    Not talking buried alive match, talking about a wrestler just destroying the credibility of another, whether it be promo, match, etc. And I don't mean face/heel heat, I mean bury, to where people look at them and LOL and remember them by how bad they got buried.
  2. Booker T in WWE 2003, Brian Pillman in WCW 1994 and 1996.
  3. Natalya's fart gimmick was pretty bad
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  4. Billy Gunn post king of the ring. I remember Rock cutting a damn good put down promo on HHH as well.
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  5. nWo's horsemen segment
  6. Ryder getting screwed over by Eve was pretty bad :emoji_cry:
  7. Muhammad Hassan. You couldn't even blame the poor guy, he played his gimmick so well, all for it to be ruined by the bombings in London during his push.
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  8. :lol1::facepalm:

  9. Rock F'N killed him.

    Then again, Rocky did that to everyone.
  10. I wouldn't really consider The Rock putting anyone down as a burial per se... unless how badly somebody got ran into the ground insult-wise counts.

    But if we're just talking just legitimate burials of people's careers.... um, Zack Ryder anybody? Not that I ever saw him as anything but midcard talent at best, but he was popular and selling merch like hotcakes and he won the United States Championship to a large pop (need I remind anyone that there were "We Want Ryder" chants going at Survivor Series 2011 when he wasn't even at ringside? That's how over he was...) but then he lost the belt, got destroyed by Kane, got duped and made a fool of by Eva (more than once), had to have his friend John Cena fight his battles for him and he never got any revenge for his sake on his own. And he hasn't been booked in anything relevant since then.

    In recent times, that one is probably the worst unless I'm forgetting one (and no, I don't consider Bryan losing to Sheamus in 18 seconds a 'burial', especially considering where the guy is now. Most true burials, especially if we're talking the worst of the worst, are when a person's career never fully recovers from it.)
  11. such a fresh shirt
  12. How about Batista coming back and winning the Rumble? Buried by his own comeback lol
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  13. I 100% agree with this. Here you have what could have been WWE's top heel at that time period and they could have just moved him back to Raw. But no, he gets released. All because of the UPN bullshit and world events. I mean come on. They could have made Jinder Mahal the next Hassan or they could have brought him back, turn Khali and put these guys in a stable. Of course managed by Daivari. Think of all the heat they could get.
  14. The Mahal and the Khali characters aren't Muslim, so how would you make them Muslim extremists?
  15. Well since they're Indian, I think that two Indian guys as Muslim extremists could work pretty well.
  16. Well that's not racist at all.
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  17. So yellow text is the new sarcasm??? Noted lol

  18. Let's get all the black guys into this gimmick as well while at it.
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  19. It is still black history month
  20. Bryan at WM30 when big nose pins him clean.
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