Worst-case Senario In Picking Up Chicks...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Hannah Bee, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Yo. This is her best friend Jaron, using Hannah's computer. No wrestling fan though! This is for the boys.

    See ya! Maybe never?
  2. So you're Jaron?
  3. FUUUUUUU Jaron I thought we'll keep this to ourselves?

    I'm studying. -_______-
  4. Boo put Jaron back on the phone
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  5. 1. He's a guy. -_-
    2. He doesn't like wrestling. -_-
  6. Huh. So Jaron is a girl name now...
  7. Smh @ that post being deleted

    I try to make a thread epic by picking up a chick with a dick IN a thread about picking up chicks with dicks and Xanth ruins it
  8. Resolved. THANKS DOLPH'S. -__________________________________________-

    You owe me 200 pesos + -1 of arsenal.



    Heeeey. Your fault. At least you can't use the nudes you took during the recollection as arsenal to make me do your Math HW.

  9. :pity1:
  10. No chick with a dick, Hollywood.
  11. Take a hike slapnuts
  12. I don't live in a hill douche.


    Actually approving this to be posted

  13. That's the 2nd time I've been called a douche in the last 3 days. Both times by gay guys. Go figure
  14. I owe the guy Yellow Cab because of you. Douche.

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  15. He can call me a douche but I can't call him gay? lmao. What a sensitive little hypocrite you have for a gay best friend

    because of me? I didn't ask the guy to come into my locker room on your account. He has the luxury of his own free will
  16. #FML

    You're right on both accounts. FML still. NO MORE MONEY FOR THOSE NEW SHOOOES. :((

    I see you play the resident douchebag of this forums.


    Uhh, yeah?

  17. I like to think of myself as the resident badass, but I can see where you would interpret it as douchebag.

    You are the real douchebag though making an obvious joke into actual drama for the homegirl Hannah. Why don't you get your frilly little panties out of a bunch and chill the fuck out and stop getting bum hurt about nothing. I think we can all read between the lines of whats going on if you take that much offense to being called gay :pity:
  18. I'm not from the hood. -___-


    Hey, not my fault, you posted it. She admitted she did once because she was drunk that time. I'm just making a deal out of her. She has my nude pix in our recollection night. I was drunk. Ever heard of a compromise?

    And I'm not gay whatsoever.