WORST CoD of All Time!? (WOAT)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Solid Snake, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. CoD 4

  2. CoD MW2

  3. CoD MW3

  4. CoD WaW

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  5. CoD BO

  6. CoD BO 2

  7. CoD Ghosts


    I am only listing the ones I have played - I have not played 1, 2 or 3. Only the ones released on the 360.
  2. I chose Ghosts but that's probably because it was the most recent one and for the last few years they've all felt the same (shit).
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  3. Ghosts is #1 on my list. Was the first CoD game I actually returned. lol
  4. My friend let me borrow it after the first day. He was done with it after a day.
  5. They all suck and only faggots play them.

    (except GOAT Cod 4 ofc)
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  6. I enjoyed it for 2 weeks then i kept getting worse. I loved the concept of the dog but it was too OP and the fact that I was not able to stab it made me so mad. Black Ops 1 is probably my favorite. I truly enjoyed CoD 4 though. I would play that now if people still played it.
  7. I have to break the news to my [parents gently.
  8. your parents would be homophobes
  9. :haha:

    Honestly, they are the furthest thing from. Was just making jokes.
  10. Meanwhile I was being totally serious because I never joke
  11. :mog:
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  12. My cousin let me play CoD Ghosts, i played if on and off for like a week; just hideous, somehow more hideous than MW3....

    I miss the days of CoD4.....
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  13. I remember the first time I played CoD4... I was hooked. Played it with some friends for like 8 hours straight taking turns.
  14. ^ I also use to go like 1 and 10 :haha:
  15. Ghost sucks, but to call it the WOAT is laughable. In terms of movement and hit accuracy, it's probably the best there is. You can't give WOAT to a game that is the best in such important departments. MW3 is definitely the WOAT fucking game, it's awful. The maps were terrible, the guns were so unbalanced, the game just felt completely horrible to play in every single possible way (Solidus will disagree, but I am right).

    MW2 had great maps but was still pretty awful. CoD 4 is my 2nd favourite CoD of all time. Black Ops 2 was hands down the best CoD that has ever been made (and it's not even close btw). Black Ops wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either. WoW I personally hated, but I was a noob when I played it, I can see why people like it. Ghosts is a horrible game but it's better than MW3 was.
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  16. I absolutely hated all the Ghosts maps, the spawning was a joke and 90% of the time I wasn't able to move anywhere. To me, MW3 was better but I can see why Ghosts is better to you. The more I think about it I have to agree that BO2 is the best... I mean they had ZOMBIES! That alone is a game in itself and I still enjoy playing the TDM games where as on other games I got bored with it. I did like BO1's maps better though.
  17. The Ghost maps do suck and maybe on par with the grotesque MW3 ones, but the movement and hit detection is better, and there is no other redeeming quality in MW3 to make it a better game than Ghosts. The spawning system is sometimes a joke but it's a joke on all CoD's to be fair; it's never going to be a perfect system. The good thing about Ghosts is that it's going to improve. Clan vs Clan is going to be very similar to League Play after the update - a feature that is so damn good and popular, and wasn't in MW3 - so that's a great improvement. They are listening to the community, but it won't ever improve enough to make it a CoD game I enjoy. Even if I'm doing fantastic on it, the game just bores me, but it's the same for most Infinity Ward CoD games. I just can't wait until Treyarch's next one.
  18. I use to think I enjoyed the IW ones but the more I think about, each and everyone had its down falls.

    As for Ghosts... You can't improve things and make only some aspects of the game better while making others worse. Yes, spawning isn't too great in any of the games but Ghosts for me was by far the worst and that is ultimately what made me return it. MW3 was bad but it was not as bad as Ghosts. Spawning and guns make or break the game for me. I can deal with crappy maps. Ghosts guns were okay, but I enjoyed MW3'a better. Both are crappy games compared to the others but Ghosts still out ranks MW3 in crappiness to me. It got to the point where I was spawning an dying before I was able to take 2 steps. The one round it happened 7 times in a row. That was the last time I played it. It was on one of the bigger maps as well.

    Thanks to Ghost, I will no longer be getting a CoD game on the release date or at the midnight release. I am going to just wait and see how it goes. Ghosts is the most returned CoD in the shortest time span in all Gamstops across the US.
  19. How many games did you play where spawning was ridiculous and on what game mode? TDM?
  20. In Ghosts? I played every game mode. Mostly TDM and that fast paced one, can't recall the name of it (cranked maybe?). The first day the spawning was fine. I had no issue with it at all... Then they did an update and it got worse.... another update after that... got even worse. Maybe the spawning was worse over here then over there for some reason who knows. But trust me... It was bloody fawking awful.
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