Worst day in forum history

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. I just got a PM from Danny saying he won't be around anymore because of a run in with another user. I will do my best to bring him back, but if he is indeed gone, pay tribute to an all time forum'ing legend ITT.

    I'll start.

    He was a kind man. Always liking posts and carrying on jovial conversation. He was direct, which could lead some to believe he was crass, but I know this to not be true. He was one of my favorite members because we could just take the gloves off and go all out no matter the topic and really say what we had to say unfiltered but as soon as the discussion ended that was it, we would put it behind us and still be bros right after.

    oh, dammit, I promised myself I wouldn't cry :((

    someone else, come to the podium please. I'm sorry, I just can't. its too soon

    I'll be counting down the days to your resurrection big guy.

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  2. That sucks. Whomever it was can put a sperm whales penis directly in their ass with no lube. Danny is a cool guy :obama:
  3. I'm really upset about Danny leaving. He's a great member and has been an even better friend. I don't know the specifics about what happened, but whatever it was I hope it gets resolved so he can come back to the forums. This place won't be the same without him :downer:
  4. Hoping it blows over. Not sure why a run in with one user would result in leaving the whole forum. If that did happen here more often, this place would be dead. Why not try and patch it up with the person you argued with or just ignore said person? Who knows, but I love Danny, and hope he decides to return.
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  5. Like Arnold he'll be back. No nudes for him until he does.
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  6. I just figure if we throw a pity party it may accelerate the return.
  7. Well whatever happened we're mostly adults here and should be over petty shit. This forum is a place where I can talk to some cool ass people. As someone said in another thread, we are all e friends which for me is pretty cool. It's not often we can all be surrounded by people if not just a common interest but also where you can genuinely enjoy engaging others about whatever. I've only been here a couple months but I finally feel pretty comfortable here. Danny you're cool af and whatever went down don't trip. Other person, I'm sure we are cool and whatever happened it probably wasn't a personal attack. Hug it out and move on
  8. He said goodbye in the DX section, and we know who it was, but I'd rather not say who. Hopefully he didn't delete me on Xbox :cry:
  9. Yea we all know but I'm not here to put anyone on blast about it.
  10. Yeah I saw it :sad: still think both need to get over it.
  11. leaving because of someone without trying to work it out is some elementary-type bullshit
    nothing but passive aggression
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  12. Well someone was going to make this post I guess.

    wonder if Danny will pop up on wrestlingforums now :terry:
  13. Poopy. Wasn't me was it? I thought I pissed him off real good when I gave him some friendly ribbing (his words: cheap shot) for not showing up to the SS DX match. And he hasn't said much to me lately. :sad:
  14. It wasn't you and Danny isn't the kind to take a light ribbing to heart by any means
  15. I didn't think he was, but had to ask. I would hate if it was my fault. NOOOOOOOO DANNNNNYYYYYYYY!
  16. Guess I should of just read the DX post. To self: dummy!
  17. I didn't know there was one until after I posted my initial response
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  18. Basically the same here, although it was mentioned in posts. Again "I'm a dummy" lol
  19. I still stand by the get over it.....less of the whale rape but not fully taking that off the board
  20. Only a little less whale dick though
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