Worst Entrance Music Past or Present

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. I'm curious what you all think. Pick some of your lest favorite themes of all time. I'm going with Wade Barrett's "I don't care" theme and honestly I never liked Ryder's theme.
  2. Currently, I hate Sheamus' theme song. That's the only one that I dislike now. When Big Show and Jericho were a tag-team they had a bad song.
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  3. Really? I thought their theme was badass. WEEELLLLLLLL BREAK THE WALLS DOWN.

  4. Santino. So bad.

    Jerishows was beast.
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  5. Yeah, that was kind of cool actually.
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  6. Totally didn't want to post this (more comically bad and suits the gimmick) but can't stop myself.

    Present themes, I'm not too sure. Like most of them... maybe Del Rio? *goes through the roster* Ahh, Big E Langston's is dreadful, and Antonio's in dire need unless he's just going to use Swagger's now. Also Tyson Kidd's but they won't use the guy anyway
  7. Heidenreich
  8. ^lol. it was ok to me, just could have kept the repeating of his name out

    Christian's current theme needs to go
  9. I think that Miz and Show's tag team theme was annoying tbh.
  10. The X-Factor theme from '01 always stands out as terrible to me.

    The worst theme song current day:

    And just because I want to spread the love of WCW around:

    Ok, the song isn't that bad, but it's terrible music for a wrestler, especially when said person is David Arquette (think the song was lifted from Ready To Rumble.) Worst WCW theme, worst WCW titan tron, worst WCW Champion ever.
  11. R-Truth's Second theme. Get crunk or whatever. Back when he had Eve coming out dancing with him :eww:
  12. R-Truth's theme for when he turned on John Morrison and became a heel.
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