worst ever bpl team

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. make the worst possible team using players that have played in the bpl past or present

    Gk almunia
    Rb frank sinclair
    Cb bramble
    Cb squillaci
    Lb traore
    Cm djemba djemba
    Cm kleberson
    Cm poulson
    St bebe
    St ali dia
    St jo

    Over to you
  2. GK - Massimo Taibi
    RB - Frank Sinclair
    CB - Marcelino
    CB - Bramble
    LB - Andre Santos
    RM - Bebe
    CM - Bruno Cheyrou
    CM - Alberto Aquilani
    LM - Poulsen
    ST - Steve Marlet
    ST - Stephane Guivarch

    It's hard thinking of bad players from memory and reputation. You often want to mention some of the big names who flopped, but do they count as contenders for worst BPL team? Like Shevchenko was incredible, but was awful in the BPL.
  3. Yes lol remember morientes also no ali dia? Only person i i know who talked there way into a prem team
  4. the whole of QPR :lol1:
  5. I tried to keep it as far away as yours as possible, lol. Marlet was incredible awful.
  6. Lol fair enough one thing ive realised is fergie has signed some shit over the years you could make a team made up of man utd players if you wanted same for man city as well
  7. I guess it's inevitable. So has Arsene. Managers who have been there for such a long period are bound to have signed some shit players.

    The manager who has done this the most though has to be Graeme Souness lmao.
  8. Lol yeah haha he made some terrible ones at newcastle
  9. Titus Bramble :yay:
  10. I'll do the team later but do you remember Dong Gook Lee? He must be in with a shout imo.
  11. Yes haha mboro have a few that could be in this wanted to put alves in but let him off for scoring a hattrick vs man utd
  12. Oh my god lol that was ridiculous, tbh though I think Southgate killed off Alves, don't get me wrong he was poor but I think he could have been alright if only Southgate didn't ruin his confidence by neverplaying him.
  13. Yes what about maccarone overall poor but he got us to the uefa cup final so hes forgiving
  14. Did you see yet another Bramble mistake this weekend? :haha:
  15. Jason roberts has to be in there he score like one goal a season
  16. He wipes the floor with Marlet though :lol1:
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