Worst Fads EVER!

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  1. Name them!

    What makes my list first is.... SKINNY JEANS! If you are not a skinny female you have no business in them! They are designed to add curves! Men should not be looking to add curves to their hips!
  2. Justin Bieber
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  3. Hipsters
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  4. Sex and the City
  5. Can a person be a fad? :hmm:
  6. I actually enjoyed that show... As bad as it was. What made it 10 x's worse was when women tried being like them. :ohgod:
  7. Thats my big issue with it.

    An yes Bieber can be a fad due to his music surely?
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  8. I honestly never listened to a song of his. I heard maybe 30 seconds of that baby song and never looked back. lmao
  9. Wish I only heard 30 seconds of it, I used to hear it everyday at work every two bloody hours for eight hours a day for six months. :emoji_slight_frown:
  10. :mog: I would have quit that job! lmao I can deal with listening to oldies but current music that I don't like drives me insane.
  11. #CutForBieber
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  12. That really forgive my language but pissed me off. Bieliebers are idiots from what you see and here. Wtf are there parents doing?
  13. Trying to be a "tumblr girl" on Instagram. It pisses me off so much. They try so hard on there to get followers and likes and try not to follow anyone. I don't quite understand it.
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  14. Probably cutting for bieber with them
  15. Hipster goon.

    These ppl frustrate me at gigs as they pose and moan and get annoyed when ur going hell for leather actually enjoying yourself.
  16. the 90s
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  17. This thread is making me angry lol.
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  18. 90s rocked.
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  19. fanny packs
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