Worst feud of the PG Era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Already asked what the best feud is from the PG Era, but now lets have a little fun. What do you think the WORST feud is?

    (Should ban Sheamus vs ADR since it's fresh on our minds, but it's too legitimate of a contender. This Brogue Kick thing is mind-numbingly retarded)

    For me, it's probably Cole/Lawler.
  2. Sheamus vs ADR
  3. Miz/Lawler was the worst for me
  4. Kinda liked that one tbh, the whole story of Lawler wanting his title and his Wrestlemania moment felt real, and the match was 100x better than it had any right to be.
  5. Ehh seemed to over expired for me, I know he really wanted all that stuff, but it just seemed to far ahead already.
  6. How you people forget hornswoggle vs Chavo fued? Is that you don't want to?
    That buried him from all possible creditably in wwe
  7. anything involving the womens title lately
  8. Cole/Lawler.
  9. Guys guys guys. You're forgetting something.


  10. he remembered :burns:

  11. I guess Chavo and Hornswoggle.
    Kane Vs. Edge. :hmm:
  13. Cole/Lawler
  14. the second HHH vs taker :finger:
  15. You can't be serious, lol.
  16. i hate repeats :finger:
  17. But the match at Wrestlemania was amazing. I too hated on that feud but even then it wouldn't beat Cole/Lawler and some of the other stupid things we've had lol.
  18. We don't simply forget Hornswoggle/Chavo, we simply repress the memory into a dark corner of our minds.
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  19. :obama:
  20. Triple H / Koslov.
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