Worst Impact Rating in 3 years. (5/30)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Ripped right from tnasylum

    TFA be out of buildness in a year. It the true. Ashley.
  2. Wait what
  3. No Canadians watching either.
  4. Yeah, fucking Rogers.
  5. Damn I hate ratings. I always seem to have the opposite opinion.
  6. is it really the worst in 3 years?

    anyways, the nba playoffs and the timeslot changes is the reason for this otherwise the ratings were increasing these past weeks.
  7. Fucking TNA logic.

    "Our ratings are slowly going up. We have our big Anniversary PPV coming up, so for our go home show let's change back time slots after people are finally getting used to the new time"
  8. Ratings weren't going up. They were going downhill all the way. Last 8pm show had good numbers, but that's it. The one year 8pm experiment was a disaster and I'm glad TNA switched timeslots again.

    People need more time now to re-adjust to new/old timeslot, that's it. Don't know about the Canada TV deal, though. That one sucks.
  9. It's the worst since the last Monday Night episode.

    It was almost as low 2 weeks ago (.84), but not sure how much of this you can blame on the timeslot change. If nothing else they'd just turn on the show early then realize it wasn't on yet. (Doesn't Spike usually advertise Impact on the barely-noticeable bottom part of the screen right before it comes on?)

    If there's anything TNA can take from this it's that last week you had interesting hooks like James Storm's tag partner and if AJ Styles will get patched in. Oh, and no NBA.

    A combined 13 million people were watching the NBA and Pawn Stars' move to Thursday, guess that's to blame. Although if it's WWE we'll say don't blame football since we're a bunch of hypocrites that don't make any damn sense
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