Worst in-ring performer under 300 pounds

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Out of the wrestlers billed as under 300 pounds for the WWE, who's the worst in the ring in your opinion ?

    I'm saying David Otunga. Can't remember him ever being in an entertaining match tbh.
  2. Hornswoggle
  3. ^
    Tru fax right there.
  4. Otunga's a nice shout, no one else really comes to mind.
  5. Ha, Hoss is going to kill you. Have fun with your multiple warnings.

    Jinder Mahal.
  6. It's Mason Ryan, for me.
  7. I was going to say Mahal after checking the roster on TEW, he's also pretty bad.
  8. Wait, what? He's in most peoples top 10 WWE wrestlers, he's great in the ring.
  9. That's what I thought, maybe sarcasm?
  10. Cody Rhodes shouldn't be close to being considered a bad in-ring performer.
  11. I actually thought when I was writing that 'I hope Hoss doesn't see this!'

    I've got a great quote for him actually, pedo related.
  12. Definitely Jinder Mahal or David Otunga. Maybe it's because they hasn't faced a good opponent, but even Johnny Curtis has had some pretty good match with Percy Watson, who isn't really a ring general. Those two haven't shown us anything resembling good ring work... but Otunga's good on the mic, has a good look, some potential star power, and a unique character... none of which Jinder Mahal possess.
  13. Mahal for me..
  14. Jinder Mahal by far.
    Otunga is the worst? :gtfo: how can he perform well when the only time he is in a match is getting squashed by Sheamus or Cena, no one could perform well in those conditions, Otunga is f****** beast!
  15. :haha:

    all his matches are entertaining.:bury:
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  16. I know a lot of people are saying Jinder Mahal but surely he's not as bad as Mason Ryan?
  17. Sure they are :otunga:

  18. We're avoiding big heavyweights. Ryan may be under 300 pounds, but I'm pretty sure that he's up there in 290+ and/or is billed as being 300+ by the WWE.
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