Money in the Bank Worst Money In The Bank Winner Yet?

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  1. With MITB coming up I started thinking about this and I thought it'd be interesting to have a discussion on who the worst mitb winner/holder is so far. I made a video about it going over who I personally think is the worst and why.

    And basically for me it boiled down to these 3 guys.

    Kennedy- Held it for a little over a month, never even got to cash it in due to an injury and so he lost it to Edge on an episode of RAW.

    Cena- Won the most predictable and probably the mitb match with the least exciting lineup ever only to hold it for 8 days and have the actual cash in match end via dq due to the big show attacking him.

    Sandow- Held it for 106 days, during that time they made a fool out of him by having him lose nearly every match he was in. They had Cody throw steal his briefcase and throw it in the ocean. He didn't move up the card at all during the time and got squashed by Big Show in 3 minutes on ME. If you only count RAW, Smackdown and pay per view matches, he only won a match against The Miz on RAW and another against Kofi the night before his cash in on the Hell in a Cell Kickoff. He cashed in on Cena who had just returned the night before from an elbow injury. He assaulted Cena and targeted his elbow before and during the match and still managed to lose.

    Who do you guys think is the worst Mr. Mitb? I have to go with Sandow as I feel it's the first time MITB actually hurt someone more than helped. I'm sure a lot of people will go with Kennedy for the simple fact he didn't cash in lol.
  2. CM Punk's first run.
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  3. Cena just another achievement for him to win to make him the GOAT in wwes eyes.
    Sandow as well, did not benefit him during or after
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  4. Punk's first reign with the briefcase was pretty forgettable. His 2nd one was so much better.
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  5. I'd have to go with punks. Then they felt bad and let him have an actual run the second time.

    Number 2 is def cena. Pointless and he literally won to simply add one more accolade to his insane list.
  6. I think the top two "worst MITB winners" have to be the two guys whose cash-ins were unsuccessful.

    1) (As much as this hurts me because I love the guy like a "brother") Damien Sandow
    2) Cena

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  7. CM Punk is the worst everything.
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  8. Sandow and Cena
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  9. Worst winner: Swagger

    Worst run with the briefcase: Sandow
  10. Hi there deagle lol
    I already made the argument for Sheamus on your video but now that he's been mentioned, Swagger was a waste of time as well.
  11. Honestly, I was going to go with Kennedy as the worst run with it because of losing it to Edge... but then I was reading this and I remembered how terrible Sandow's run was.... three times as long as Kennedy's and he looked awful. I often think they just finally did the cash in to eliminate the opportunity for him to cash in. It literally felt like he was put in the match just to lose.

    Worst winner, well I've never been a fan of Kennedy so I am just going with that. Blech.
  12. Does anyone know what the deal with Sandow's run with the MITB was all about? I've heard that either the WWE was big on him when they give him the win but got sick of him almost immediately after, or that they originally wanted him to lose the briefcase to Cody, but changed their minds before going through with it.
  13. Sheamus was the worst, if you ask me Sandow was an awesome winner but he got fucked over just so Cena isn't known as the only man to lose the cash in.
  14. No, he is one of the best complainers and hypocrites I have ever seen on live TV. :pity:
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  15. I "kinda" disagree. With Cena there was the plus of "Someone has to fail the cash in - which at that point was a huge burial (as we saw with Sandow) so may as well do that with the guy with lifetime cred...

    With Sandow, it started the feud with Cody and turned Rhodes, which was pretty good stuff. Shame they never did more with either guy after that feud :emoji_slight_frown:
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