Worst Over Hyped Match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Whats yours? Mine would be this shit fest from Brock Shitty Lesnar.

    Inb4 BLFFL tries to defend Lesnar.
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  2. That was gonna be mine :okay:

    Throw in any match with Great Khali as World heavyweight champion, maybe that one weird bamboo border hopping match with Batista.
  3. Rock and Cena. 3 years of build for 10 minutes of finishers.
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  4. - Randy Orton vs Triple H at WM25
    - CM Punk vs The Rock at Royal Rumble 2013
    - John Cena vs The Rock at WM28 & WM29
  5. Not even Ross could sell that match
  6. Totally loved that match, thought it was one of the feuds ever. Sorry!

    I thought Cena vs. Rock is the worst over-hyped matches ever.
  7. Fangirl :pity1: :pity2: ^
  8. Shit......most of them are taken.
    Miz and Cena at WM 27 in my opinion was pretty hyped up and it was bad.
  9. Yeah Miz/Cena was the worst Mania Main Event ever, I honestly prefer Rock/Cena again than Miz/Cena again.
  10. Cena vs Rock @ both Wrestlemania's.

    Never before never again (or was that the Survivor Series tag line? idc, they used it for WM 28 i'm sure), once in a lifetime (my lifetime wasn't 1 year, WWE) and the countless promos where Cena gave the legit reason of "I have to beat you, you'll go back to hollywood when this is over and I'll still be here so I have to do this!" and the Rock just came back with childish jokes like he did with CM Punk. Then, we get to the match. Will Cena beat Rock? Will Rock beat Cena? Will Rock stay at WWE? Will Cena heel turn? 10-20 minutes of finishers and bad catchphrases in the two WM main-events. This match in WM 29 was main event over Punk vs Undertaker. What a joke...
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  11. Ryback vs CM Punk at HIAC
  12. Rock/Cena, although I expected it tbh.
  13. Goldberg/Lesnar because of how pumped everyone was for that match and how disappointing it ended up being. To be fair, the match only sucked because they were feeling unmotivated due to the crowd shitting all over them since it was public knowledge they were both leaving after Mania.

    Rock/Cena when you consider the one year hype the match had. I expected as much, of course, but still.
  14. Lesnar/Golderg at WM, that was such a disappointment
  15. Both the Rock vs. Cenas.
  16. It was a great feud don't get me wrong,it's just their match at Mania sucked imo.
  17. It was an average match but the crowd made it good too.
  18. Both Cena/Rock
    Punk/Ryback HIAC
    Miz/Cena Mania '27 whoever the hell agreed to have that match ME Mania... wow... no words...
    Batista/Khali Punjabi Prison Match Great American Bash '07? or '08? Something like that
  19. Easily what you posted. Those fans shit all over them during that match, and rightfully so. Id ask for my money back if i was there for that bs.
  20. Lesnar/goldberg really takes the cake.
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