Worst physical pain you've ever experienced?

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  1. For me it would be slipping and getting my toe caught under a fridge. It got cut by some blade down there, was pretty nasty, and hurt a lot. If I didn't get to the hospital, the toe would have been gone. Still got the bastard.
  2. Injury wise and considering I was somewhat of a clumsy kid, when I was 7 years old, I broke my left elbow. I was fucking around with a few of my friends on the school playground and one of them decided they wanted to give me a piggy back ride for some reason. I wasn't holding on properly when he stood up and I ended up dropping my elbow Shawn Michaels style. You know the little pointy bit right on the end of your elbow? That's the bit I broke.

    I of course had to go to the hospital and the first thing the doctor asks is "can you straighten your arm" I shook my head no and he goes "well let's see, shall we?" So then he straightened my arm. I vaguely recollect watching my parents cover their ears to block out my screaming. Later on that day, I have surgery to insert wires that were designed to hold the bones in place so they could heal. Then I got a cast on it that went all the way from my upper arm to my wrist.
  3. Having to watch Wrestlemania 27.
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  4. Luckily I've never broken a bone. I've fucked up one of my fingers so it's a bit bent but that's it. Must hurt breaking the unbreakable elbow, damn.
    That Miz promo tho.
  5. Being stabbed and having an organ pierced. The worst part though was having a thick tube pulled out my belly (it was there to suck out poison).
  6. You've been stabbed? :emoji_hushed:
  7. Many years ago.
  8. I believe I was 11, had my head ran over by a mountain bike. That's the one I can think of at the moment, might be others that I can't remember.
  9. When I was 3 I apparently fell down a flight of stairs and busted open my face, I imagine that hurt as fuck but I cannot remember it.
    When I moved into my college dorm I stabbed myself in the back on a metal window frame, that hurt.
    Might not be the most intense pain but I cracked a rib once, that just hung around for a while as a dull pain.
  10. tearing ligaments in my ankle probably. I thought I snapped it in half it hurt so bad
  11. Guessing your afro took most of the blow on that one?
  12. Speaking of bikes, a few years ago I was riding my bike with some friends; I wasn't paying attention and ran into some cacti. I was covered in needles and they pulled them out. Good times.
  13. Didn't have a fro at the time. Just glad my head was on grass and it wasn't my neck.
  14. Taking it in the bum from Fooq.
  15. Mine is very minor compared to all of yours. While swinging a bat my shoulder basically was shredded during the follow through. Rotator cuff blown up, ligament damage, the works. I couldn't throw a baseball 2 feet. I chose rehab over surgery and it came back better than ever.
  16. A guy I knew in junior high had his Achilles tendon pierced by one of the thin metal rods that are in the center of a bike wheel that I cannot remember what they are called once. From his stories I can tell that it hurt
  17. One of the spokes?
  18. That's the word! Spoke.
  19. I've been really lucky and never really had any serious pain. Just the odd minor concusion, broken finger and stubbed toe.

    I went to school with a girl who fell out of a tree and had both legs impailed on the fence beneath it.
  20. Going on a plane with my nose filled and getting the most painful sinusitis on history. It was so bad I can't even describe, it was exactly what I would expect would be the pain of someone trying to hammer nails down every hole of my head.

    Pain was so intense I died and returned three days later as your lord and savior. fml
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