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  1. Name some songs that are/were for some reason popular among people that are just honestly awful.
  2. The thing is with me is that I actually don't really hate anything because I don't mind it, y'know? I think that's very rare in this generation because literally everywhere you go you have people complaining left and right about every single thing about this generation. I just kinda' shrug and focus on what I'm doing and what I like. Idk. It's probably just me.
  3. It's Friday Friday, Gotta Get Down On Fridayyyy

    Oh, worst songs? Dunno.
  4. Pretty much anything by Nikki Minaj or Lil Wayne
  5. Too many of them.
  6. The hamster dance
  7. Anything by Florida, he ruins decent songs and I have the feeling he will be pissing me off on WWE TV around 'Mania time as well :bury:
  8. 99.99999% of popular songs that have come out over sayyyyyyyyyyy ~the last decade are pretty terrible
  9. Wop Wop Gangnam Style begs to disagree.
  10. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Sexy Ladies, Party Rock is in the houssse tonight everybody just have a good but you broke my heart for the first time and I was like if I was your boyfriend I'd never let you go take places you ain't ever seen before cos I'm sexy and I know it on Friday Friday gotta down on Friday.
  11. Mr Blobby and all the crap like that made purely for commercial gain cashing in on somethings success.

    Blobby is a Christmas tune tbf
  13. I would like to add any cover version sang by anyone of x-factor Leona Lewis killed Oasis.
  14. There's no such thing as bad music. Just some songs people don't prefer, I myself don't enjoy Gangnum style. I don't see how it became so big, everywhere I go on other sites I heard people bitching about party songs and hip hop saying it was trash, then they turn around and play Gangnum style. It's the same thing, it's a generic party song not really anything special(unless Christopher Daniels/Kazrian does it) except it's in Korean, which also provide the fact that those same people care not for lyrics. For all we know the lyrics could be insulting everyone who isn't Korean.
  15. As CM Punk says tho this is my view im not a music elitist an dont insult others choice of what to listen to. I just dislike some things and like others. I appreciate ppl have there own tastes likes and dislikes.
  16. After listening to Lil B, everything else becomes irrelevant.

  17. Call Me Maybe.
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