Worst promo cutter in recent history?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. For me, it just has to be jack Swagger. Not only is he terrible on the mic, but his speech impediment or whatever is is makes me want to hurt someone. :serious:
  2. Khali if he counts.
  3. Khali however not a huge fan of Swaggers promos either.
  4. Yeah, Khali.
  5. I didnt even know Khali cut promos, to be honest.
  6. That's how bad they are :sad:
  7. They mainly consist of classic lines such as urgghggg sometimes done with arm raising. It's an art form really.
  8. Lmao I love that he's so bad we have to confirm that he counts. Classic Khali.
  9. Out of interest is it Khali can't speak English still? Or is he just a bit slow?
  10. Why is he still on WWE again?
  11. Apparently he's a draw in India, helps for international image and profit margins.
  12. Massive star in India. Can't speak much English, sounds stupid when he does. Clever WWE marketing.
  13. Like Park was at UTD!
  14. So weird, I nearly included that in my post but no one here knows who park is apart from us football nerds lmfao.
  15. :win:
  16. Baby Bischoff.
  17. i would give a mention to scott steiner
    and i know it not recent but everyone was thinking it... Ulitimate Warrior
  18. God anything and everything Khali does is just awful. It's just so painful to watch him nearly fall over himself when throwing the first punch. Everything else is just as bad as in the ring.

    Take the Santino's detective work, he just played it awful.
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