Worst Promo Ever: Episode 7 "England:

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by GrammarNazi82, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. :lol1: Love these two and their interaction.

    Can we dedicate this one to all the Eurofags on the forum? :haha:
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  2. Saw this, and immediately got sad that I blew my +5 towards you. "YOU'RE NOT BUTTER THAN ME!" :lol1:

    Good grief I love these. They just seem so natural!

    What happened to Marty's finger?
  3. :lol1: I know, right? You can keep that in mind for 3 days from now, haha. "We can't end on, 'You're not butter than me.'"

    They really do! I love it. Look forward to these every week about as much as Raw -- maybe even more so.

    You know, from when Colt ran into it at the beginning, after the farting. lol
  4. Good point! I'll use that for a while now, even though nobody knows that. *Runs into big fight with a stick* YOU'RE NOT BUTTER THAN ME! *Cuts in line at Kroger* YOU'RE NOT BUTTER THAN ME! *Pretending like my PS3 is talking to the WWEF Universe* YOU'RE NOT BUTTER THAN ME! :colt:

    Judging from you not watching it, probably more so. Definitely that way over here.

    Oh that was hilarious! Just expected Marty to look over and say "Real mature, Colt", then taste it and run off to get a glass of water, haha
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  5. :lol1: Friggin' heart you. Yeah, I've barely watched it since the opening segment. Got into meaningless discussion amid the boredom, lol.

    Definitely!! "Very professional." :haha: We need a Colt smiley.
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