Worst Raw Rating of the Year

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    According to wrestlinginc, the second-worst was the July 30 episode that drew a 2.66. That episode had Cena in the main event but went against game 7 of the NBA Finals
  2. MNF could be an excuse, but jets vs atl? Nah. I think it's because the majority of us know that nothing is going to happen with the title for about 3 more weeks. I still watch, but i'm sure others aren't losing sleep over missing a sode.
  3. After all of the ratings disputes happening recently I went out and compared them to this time last year. Interesting results.

    Autumn 2012:
    Sep 17: 2.86
    Sep 24: 2.72
    Oct 1: 2.54
    Oct 8: 2.80

    Autumn 2013:
    Sep 16: 2.96
    Sep 23: 2.81
    Sep 30: 2.68
    Oct 7: 2.65

    Oct 8th was the RAW where Punk went up against Mr. McMahon, which is the only RAW which is ahead of this years. Fairly interesting, considering Cena was here that last Autumn and main eventing PPV's whilst now he is not.

    So yeah. May be the lowest this year, but considering it is football season and this year has averaged better than last it isn't that bad.
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  4. Good research. :obama:

    Yeah, wouldn't be worried about this one either. Great to see the current product's drawing though! :emoji_slight_smile: Rip it apart all you want it's still sooooo much better than what we were getting last year
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  5. I suppose it's the football thing, as my fellow Leo pointed out there it's better than last year so it's not Cena or the lack thereof.
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