Worst Rule Ever

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Roach, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Worst rule ever IMO. When have we never not trolled?
  2. I agree! :yay: We even have an award for trolling....
  3. Lol, it basically gives us the right to warn users who go overboard.
  4. I don't mind giving it out even if they aren't overboard. :tough:
  5. :badass:
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  6. Suppose you have a point but I think you should/could word it better.
  7. Probably, but I don't want to encourage it. There's a difference imo with trolling and banter. This rule just lets people know not to go overboard.
  8. Fair enough then. Crayo wins again.
  9. As long as it doesn't cause issue with others its fine but if it causes offense I bust out my ban hammer.

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  10. Here's a picture of Seabs with his "hammer"

  11. :StepBack:

    Haha, fair enough.
  12. :yay: Crayo saves pictures of me and my special hammer.
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  13. I remember when Randy was threatened with the hammer. Good times. :burns:
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