Worst segment in years?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Miz/Jericho/Barrett/Maddox

    Was there a botch at the end? That segment has to be one of the worst in years. Cole and King begging for them to have a commercial break whilst they're talking; how bad was that?
  2. Horrible, Maddox bringing back Adamle flashbacks. Miz horrible as usual, and Jericho had nothing to work with due to the stupid movie promotion. What a waste of time, get Maddox and Miz off of my TV. CASE CLOSED!
  3. Worst segment in years? Nah. Wasn't even the worst on the show (congratulations to Bo Dallas for screwing up a 3 word line and Fandango for sharing that award).

    Although guess it should get a mention for having this amount of mic talent involved yet being so atrocious, but Cole crapping on it really salvaged it.
  4. Honestly, because of the longevity of it, it tops both of them. It was so cringe worthy.
  5. It'd have been great, Sans Maddox and Miz.
  6. I didn't see that segment. Upon reading the thread title I thought you were perhaps referring to Mandingo/Prince Albert. I literally shut off the stream when I saw that shit and left the house
  7. Nowhere near as bad as the Cena/Laurinaitis 'loser' promo of last year :eww:
  8. I suggest watching for cringe value. It's rare the commentator is verbally begging for a commercial whilst they're actually speaking.
  9. What about the Cena/Cole BBQ sauce fetish segment?
  10. /thread
  11. To me, it looked like it was bad on purpose, displaying Maddox's inability to actually manage anything ever adding to his dork-ish gimmck. Might've missed something though because I was making dinner at the time, lol.
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  12. Cena's promo right before Royal Rumble.
  13. Jericho's thoughts from his Twittah:

    "Haha I’ve never been in a segment that has split opinions so decisively between “awesome” and “awful!!” I’ll go with “fun!” #HighlightReel"
  14. Damn, I'd actually managed to wipe that out of my brain. Yeah that has to be up there with on of the worst ever, haven't eaten BBQ sauce since.
  15. I think you're giving them far too much credit there, lol.
  16. Did you see Emma on NXT?
  17. Am I? I dunno'. Maybe, lol. Like I said, I was only half paying attention. Maddox has been a dork of late though, quoting movies in accents, doing impressions and such. It sort of makes sense. I dunno'. Might just be me not getting any sleep at all last night.
  18. Not yet, why? :O
  19. She's basically what Deathbane said. Troll character, botching on purpose all over the place, weird entrance that she thinks is cool, it's hilarious.
  20. Really need to catch up on NXT to be honest. The range of gimmicks and the freshness of it all is awesome. Wish they would hurry up and merge that into RAW/SD.
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