Worst "Superhero Storyline" booking ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. I thought this would belong here as it includes modern wrestling. In your opinion what is the worst case of "Superman" booking ever?

    For me it's Shawn Michaels in the 1996 Royal Rumble. The guy enters and eliminates 8 people with ease... Not only that but eliminates Yokozuna and Vader AT THE SAME TIME.

    He makes Bulldog, Yokozuna, Vader, Diesel, Kid and hell everyone else in the rumble look like complete crap and it was obvious from the start that he was going to win.
  2. Off the top of my head, I'd say the main event of NOC 2012 was pretty terrible. Cena kicked out of way too many finishers and then he "won" with a german suplex from the second rope. But his shoulders were down, so it's a draw and Punk's still champ. In other words - Cena's invincible and only technicalities can beat him.

    I'm probably wrong with that one, though. The crowd was chanting "this is awesome" and that was the beginning of Punk's weasel heel run, so I guess it made sense. I just wish it was any one other than Cena. Supercena just really irks me for some reason.

    Speaking of Cena, the ambulance match with Kane at EC 2012 was another perfect example of the superhero garbage. Didn't take a single serious bump because it was so close to Wrestlemania and then finally hits a weak looking AA off the roof of the amublance which apparently decimates Kane. Yeah. Wow.

    Another Cena example is Over the Limit 2012, the 'I Quit' match with Miz. Cena got dominated the whole match until the end when he slaps Miz with a belt, puts him in the STF, and make him quit within 12 seconds. Objectively speaking, I think this would have to be the absolute worst case of superhero booking. Totally stupid and totally boring.
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  3. Summing Laura up Cena and his kicking out of obscene amounts of finishers.
  4. Cena for the last 5 years. Pick any storyline.
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  5. Cena vs Nexus, fuck that shit don't be touching my baby Wade and putting him under chairs.
  6. OH HELL NO! Rock/Cena!

  7. Randy Orton vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania 27. Randy beats Punk, but not before punting every NeXus member to the barricade. It makes the NeXus look like nothing
  8. Oh, yeah. Had forgotten about that. So. Freaking. Bad.
  9. I disagree with Night Of Champions on the account that Punk kicked out of two AA's and the match was presented as them being equals not Cena being dominate or coming off as Superman. All the Cena/Punk matches (MITB and after at least) have been structured to make them look as equals. Also, Night Of Champions was probably one of the only title matches post-heel turn where Punk didn't come off as a weasel champion. I mean, Cena ultimately lost there because he made a grave mistake, which is not really Superman-esque.

    The other took examples I agree with completely. I didn't even watch the Over The Limit match, but from all I heard that is down right the worst case [objectively]. Had forgotten about that until now.

    My personal least favorite case however is probably Cena's Extreme Rules match against Brock. Cena gets obliterated and then hits two moves and get's the win. That really pissed me off.
  10. Oh, last Friday. Chris Jericho dominated the whole match against Wade Barrett.
  11. Cena going over Brock was pretty lame. He gets his ass kicked the entire match and ends it with a punch and AA (ok it was on steel steps, but still).
  12. Cena vs Brock at Extreme Rules, Brock killed Cena and busted him wide open only for Cena to win.
    Cena VS Miz Over the limit 2011, Miz and Riley both couldn't beat Cena.
  13. Cena vs Brock, yeah. Seems like my mind has done a good job in suppressing those bad memories.
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