Worst TNA storyline ever?

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  1. Someone put this in the WWE one and when I thought about the only thing that came in my mind was all the TNA storyline shit... but which was your pick to be the worst throughout the years?

    In my mind I see the Claire Lynch feud being the worst one ever.... seriously what the fuck was that? Its starts with BI black mailing Styles with him in a relationship with Carter then somehow... translated over to them helping out Lynch....???? Then became..... pregnant? Then.... faked it.... how??? And bad actor too... I think thats tough to top but it is TNA... so what else we got?
  2. Having seen TNA since late 2012, I'd say the Claire Lynch story was insanely bad, didn't WWE even put their own AJ (Lee) in a storyline similar to this? They wasted BI and AJ Styles...

    Can I also mention the Magnus title reign? First British World Champion in over 100 years and they waste him like that?

    I mean, he was concussed so he couldn't fight AJ and Sting (I think) properly but they wasted it. EY's title reign was boss though, don't know why he got so much hate.
  3. AJ Styles threatening to kill Disco Inferno with a chainsaw whilst calling him a faggot springs to mind. Then there's the Johnsons (a tag team of literal dicks) and more.

    For more references. See:
    LOLTNA History - Taimapedia
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  4. Thread over, really. Everyone should just read this link, it's great fun.
  5. I think it was TNA completely wasting Okada. This wasn't even 2006 or anything this was like a year before he broke it big.
  6. All of them
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  7. What about The Band in 2010?

    90 Year old Nash
    Obese drunkard Hall
    High Waltman

    attempting to revive the wolfpac.
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  8. I'll give Claire Lynch a pass because CD just tried to make a joke of the whole thing and it helped create Bad Influence.
    Also, because being a fan who started watching in 2008, I never knew what happened with the Katie Vick angle. I just hear people utter the name and shake in fear like they were traumatized by her... :hmm: I wonder if people in 2018 will wonder the same thing about Claire Lynch
    You know which 2013 storyline I'm voting for.

  9. Abyss & Hulk's magic HoF ring was pretty fucking bad.

    But yeah, most of it is chronicled nicely in the LOLTNA link.
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  10. Jesus, I forgot all about August One in particular. Yeesh. :lol1: Remember on here when people were really interested in that, too.
    File that under "The entire Aces and Eights disaster", and like 18 other things, like "Dixie doesn't know how to use Twitter"
  11. :hogan::park:
    Giving disco inferno TV time, all the faction gibberish, hulk hogan, flair etc opening the show and being main focus point. World title match interferences and over booking, silly title reigns like Sabin etc. so much more
  12. The EY title reign was hated because Dixie began dubbing it like Triple H and Daniel Bryan with the beard priority, the "band" getting back together in 2010 was a fail... "how long did that last anyway? Like a week?"

    August 1st warning was terrible too, I just never watched again after that, it was only around for week in suspense and all that was just used to promote Ortiz and Rampage, Ortiz was then made A&8 sgt and then left the very next week because he made money through TNA.

    Aces and Eights looking back on made me realize how poorly TNA creative puts ideas together... that whole thing look liked they changed ideas so much through the 2 years they were around.
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  13. AJ Styles vs Sports Entertainment Xtreme, aka SEX.
    Also known as AJ vs the gay community
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  14. I was reading that for 2 hours hahaha
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