Worst Week to Be a WWE Fan?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SFAeroTaker, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Ever since Wrestlemania 30, this week has been jacked up. Why? Well...
    • The Death of The Streak
    • Cesaro wins Battle Royal (I was betting Big Show would win)
    • Cena beats Wyatts
    • Ultimate Warrior Dead after collapsing in front of his hotel 24 hours after Monday Night Raw
    • Undertaker in hospital for severe concussion, but released Monday Afternoon
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty mad. But, I'm glad Daniel Bryan's finally champion and the Newcomer Diva Paige is champion.
  2. Product wise it's actually been pretty promising and definitely not the worst week ever lol. It does suck that Warrior died though, and hopefully Taker will be alright.
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  3. The Streak ending was disappointing and easily one of the most shocking things that I've ever witnessed in my seventeen years of watching wrestling, but the rest of the week was pretty normal and rad. Warrior dying was a shock, but I'm not really saddened by it much. I'm not saying I'm happy that he died, obviously, but I'm not sad either. I've always found it hard to feel bad when celebrities pass away given that I don't know any of them personally.
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  4. Except for Warrior dying, I think it has been a pretty good week in wrestling. Really liked WM and Raw. The streak ending doesn't make me sad or anything, it was just a very, very stupid thing to do from a booking standpoint.
  5. You're overreacting a bit I'd say, as when you look at the whole situation, WWE has been really good this week, with parts of WM30, and RAW was great. As for Warrior's death, I'm saddened by that as well as almost every other fan out there, and it's sad news, so that does put a damper on things. However, much to the chagrin and dismay of everyone else, I wanted Brock to end the streak, even though I never envisioned it happening. So I'm happy with that.
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  6. I with you there match! Though I glad Cesaro won. But outside of that ur right on all of then very bad week to be wrestling fan!
  7. Out of character, it's been a shitty week due to the Ultimate Warrior's shocking death after making amends with WWE.

    Product wise, I think it's been getting better. Cesaro getting a push, Brock Lesnar a huge threat with a huge win, Shield going against eh Authority, change in the Diva's division(even though I think Paige is bland), New WHC/WWE champion and many other things.
  8. The entire week has been so shocking but the product has been great.
  9. The ONLY thing on that list that makes it a bad week is the Warrior's death. The rest of it is just business as usual. How you think Cesaro winning was a bad thing is beyond me though. :idk:
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  10. This.
  11. geez sorry everyone. Thats just my opinion. goodness...
  12. Dude I agree with u!
  13. Not allowed to have one.
  14. You're upset about Cesaro getting a push?
  15. Brock giving Taker a concussion is real??
  16. Yes, he suffered a concussion early on in the match. Supposedly when Lesnar did the single-leg take down.
  17. Oh man. That sucks. I hope he's okay. Makes me wanna rewatch that match to see how bad it looked.
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